Temtem: How to Evolve Tuwai (Place of Power Location)

In Temtem there are a number of interesting evolutions for the various Temtem you catch. Some evolutions occur by simply leveling up your Temtem while others require different criterias. One of the more interesting evolutions is for Tuwai, the Temtem you receive at the start of the game. To evolve this Temtem read the how to evolve Tuwai guide below.

Where to Find the Place of Power?

Image showing where to find the Place of Power on Tucma in Temtem.

Make your way to the third island called Tucma. Advance the story on this island until you receive the ability to Rock Hop. Use this ability to visit two NPCs in the area called Kupeleleza. Fight these two NPCs then speak with them to start the quest called Cultist Hunt. Complete this quest to unlock the Crystal Sanctum. The Crystal Sanctum can be found at the spot marked on the map above. Go there now with your Tuwai.

How to Evolve Tuwai into Tuvine at Place of Power?

Image showing how to evolve Tuwai into Tuvine at Place of Power in Temtem.

Once you have access to the Crystal Sanctum go up to the shard (pictured above) and interact with it. When you interact with the shard you will be prompted to place a Temtem on the pedestal. Place Tuwai on the pedestal to trigger its evolution into Tuvine a Wind/Crystal type.

That’s all you need to know to evolve Tuwai in Temtem. This evolutionary form of Tuwai is fairly powerful. It is currently considered S Tier by the folks over at Temtactics.

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