Temtem – How to Catch Luma Temtem

Temtem – How to Catch Luma Temtem

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This guide explains how to catch Luma temtem.

Catching Luma Temtem


Luma Temtem are color variants for Temtem and they’re extremely rare. Even the most rare of Temtems in the game aren’t as rare as the most common Temtem but as a Luma. Your chances of encountering one are slim but in that chance moment where one is before you, refer to this guide to understand how best to catch such a rare Temtem.

Here’s How to Catch Luma Temtem

  • There aren’t currently in ways in Temtem to increase your chance of encountering a Luma Temtem so just know that your chances currently sit at 1/6000.
  • If you encounter a Luma Temtem, you’ll know because not only will their color variant be different than the standard version of the Temtem, but it will feature a special effect like a shiny or starry trail.
  • If you encounter a Luma Temtem, you need to very strategically focus on getting its health down to the red. This will increase your chances of capture when you use a TemCard.
  • We recommend inflicting the status condition: Asleep. This status condition makes capturing the Temtem easier and it ensures that it won’t damage and possibly faint itself.
  • Stay away from status conditions like Burnt because while they will increase your chances of success, the status condition could also lead to the Luma Temtem fainting.
  • When the Luma Temtem’s health is in the red and when it’s asleep, toss a TemCard and cross your fingers.

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