Temtem: How to Breed Temtem

Temtem takes a number of design aspects from Pokemon and puts its own spin on them. One such aspect Temtem changes is breeding. Like other monster-collecting titles you can head to breeding centres where you can leave your Temtem to get busy procreating. To help you in this endeavor here’s our how to breed Temtem guide.

Where is the Temtem Breeding Center?

Image showing where to find the Temtem Breeding Center.

Before you can dump your Temtem off at some breeding facitily you first need to advance the game until you reach Omninesia. In this location you will find the Temtem Breeding Center. As the name of this facility suggests, this is where Temtem breeding happens. For the exact location of the center check out the map above. The building highlighted is the breeding center.

How to Breed a Temtem?

Image showing the fertility meter in Temtem.

Once you have access to the Temtem Breeding Center, head inside and go over to the man on the left side of the room. Speak to him and he will explain how breeding works. The general rundown of breeding in bullet point form is as follows:

  • Leave two Temtem of same type or species.
  • Must be a male and a female to produce an egg.
  • Each Temtem has a fertility meter that can be viewed from the Squad>Details screen. This meter is the flower on the top right corner (pictured above). When you breed it lowers the meter one leaf until you eventually can’t breed with that Temtem anymore.
  • Inherited traits are passed from parent Temtem to baby Temtem in the form of SVs and Techniques.
  • An estimate of the resulting baby Temtem SVs is shown before you start the breeding process.
    • There are third party calculators like this one that are really good as well.
  • Egg techniques are special techniques only unlocked through breeding.
  • DNA can be purchased from the merchant and added to the breeding process to ensure certain categories are inherited from parents (like ATK, SPD, etc.).
  • The result of breeding is an egg. Place the egg in party for it to hatch. Eggs hatch after allotted time in game, not steps.

This is a very general, surface level look at breeding in Temtem. If you really want to get into the weeds with it there is a good video on YouTube by That Positive Temtem Guy you can check out here.

That’s a general guide to how breeding works in Temtem. How serious you dive into things like inherited traits and Egg Techniques is largely up to you. For many people making the perfect Temtem is part of the appeal of breeding, so experiment.

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