Temtem: Gone with the Sillaro Quest Guide

In Temtem there are a number of side quests for tamers to complete for rewards. One of the first side quests you can get is called Gone with the Sillaro. Use our Gone with the Sillaro quest guide below to complete this quest in Temtem.

Important Note: this quest requires the surfboard to complete.

How to start the Gone with the Sillaro quest?

Image showing the Clara NPC in Temtem. Speak to her to start the Gone with the Sillaro quest.

Complete the opening portion of Temtem until you get control of your tamer outside the professor’s house. Head to the east of the house along the shoreline and you will see a lady walking along it. Speak to this lady called Clara. When you talk with Clara she mentions a missing pendant. Tell her you will find it. The item was lost on the river called Sillaro. Once you’ve started the quest it will appear on your screen.

Where to find the Missing Pendant?

Image showing the Missing Pendant location in Temtem.

Once you have the quest you more than likely won’t be able to complete it right away. Instead advance the story until you beat the first Dojo to receive the surfboard. Once you have the surfboard you can cruise on the Sillaro River to find the pendant.

The exact location you are looking for is pictured above. This beach area is located to the across the Sillaro River to east of the docks in Brical de Mar. Ride your surfboard to this location and look for some sparkles in the sand. Interact with the sparkles to receive the pendant. Head back to Claire in Zadar.

What do you Get for Finding the Missing Pendant?

Image showing the reward for returning the lost pendant to Claire in Temtem.

Back in Zadar speak to Claire and return the pendant to her. For finding the pendant Claire rewards you with the item TC001: Tsunami. As the name suggests this technique can be taught to your Temtem and used in battle. It is a pretty strong move you will recognize from the first Dojo battle.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Gone with the Sillaro quest in Temtem. This quest is worth doing as the mvoe you get from Claire is fairly strong.

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