Temtem: Freeing Bandits Quest Guide

On the island of Tucma there are a number of NPCs you can speak to in order to start some side quests in Temtem. Like other side quests these missions can be completed for specific rewards. One side quest comes from an NPC named Tokatl and it involves rescuing their sister Tlaloc. To help you complete this quest use our Freeing Bandits quest guide below.

Important Note: this quest requires the acid-proof surfboard to complete.

Where to Start the Freeing Bandits Quest?

Image showing Where to Start the Freeing Bandits Quest in Temtem.

You will find Toktal to the south of the Temtem healing station in Xototol Reservoir on a small piece of shoreline. To reach Toktal you need to have the acid-proof surfboard in order to reach her location. Once you reach Toktal speak with her to battle. After the battle offer to help free her sister from the prison. To free Tlaloc you need to find a key.

Where to Get the Prison Key?

Image showing where to get the Prison Key in Temtem.

To get the Prison Key you need to meet an off-duty smith in The Jaguar Lounge in Quetzal. Inside the lounge make your way over to the girl with sitting on the bench to the right as soon as you enter. This girl is the Drunk Smith. Speak with her to learn she makes keys. Once you’ve spoken with her you will have the following options:

  • Steal the key.
  • Nick the key.
  • Borrow the key.

Choose to borrow the key to receive Cell #3 Key. With the key in your inventory you are able to free Tlaloc from her prison cell. Head to the prison now.

How to Free Tlaloc from Prison?

Image showing how to free Tlaloc in Temtem.

With key in hand make your way to the Quetzal Prison and speak to Tlaloc who is in the cell on the south wall. When you talk to her let her know you are there to free her. After the conversation is completed you will free her. Leave the prison and return to the surface.

Make your way back to Tokatl and Tlaloc and speak to Tokatl. She is happy you saved her sister. As a reward she shares with you a fighting technique. This technique is TC019: Major Slash. This move targets opposing enemy Temtem weak spots and deals major damage to them.

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