Temtem: Free Matthew Quest Guide

Upon completion of the Quetzal Dojo in Temtem you will unlock a number of quests that need to be completed in order to advance the story. These quests involve getting medicine, freeing Matthew from prison, and fixing Narwhal. The third quest I will show you how to complete is the one to Free Matthew. Continue reading our Free Matthew quest guide below.

Important Note: you need the acid-proof surfboard from the Beached Narwhal quest to complete this quest.

Speak to Captain Koli at the Prison

Image showing speaking to Captain Koli in the prison of Temtem.

To start this quest head to the prison you broke out of and speak to Captain Koli about One-Eyed Matthew. Captain Koli won’t simply let One-Eyed Matthew out of prison so you will have to complete a task for him. The task he wants completed is to uncover an ancient icon from a rocky island in Xolot Reservoir. Agree to do this then head above ground.

Where to Find the Ancient Idol

Image showing where to find the Ancient Idol in Temtem.

Make your way to the area marked on the map above using your acid-proof surfboard and meet up with Naolin. Speak to Naolin to initiate a battle with him. Defeat Naolin to learn about the location of the icon. Head over to the icon location (also marked on the map above).

At the second location you will encounter two renegade guards. Defeat them to receive the Ancient Idol. Once you have the Ancient Idol head back to Captain Koli.

Deliver Ancient Idol to Captain Koli and Free Matthew

Image showing delivering the Ancient Idol to Captain Koli in Temtem.

Go to the prison and give the Ancient Idol to Captain Koli. When you do this he will free Matthew. Matthew will inform you he is heading back to the Narwhal.

Upon completion of all three main quests you need to speak with Captain Magda in the Quetzal airport. Captain Magda will tell you it is impossible to fly so the only other option is to Rock Hop. This allows you to meet with Manki to learn how to Rock Hop.

This concludes our guide to the Free Matthew Quest in Temtem. You need to complete this quest in order to advance the main story line of the game.

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