Temtem: First Aid Quest Guide

Upon completion of the Quetzal Dojo in Temtem you will unlock a number of quests that need to be completed in order to advance the story. These quests involve getting medicine, freeing Matthew from prison, and fixing Narwhal. The first quest I will show you how to complete is the one to get medicine. Continue reading our First Aid quest guide below.

Important Note: you need the acid-proof surfboard from the Beached Narwhal quest to complete this quest.

Buy Medicine From the Temporium

Image showing how to buy medicine from the Quetzal Temporium.

The first portion of this quest is to purchase medicine from the Quetzal Temporium. To do this make your way to the Temporium in Quetzal and speak to the Quetzalian Vendor in this right-side of the building. Tell them you need medicine when the prompt appears. You will receive 1x First-Aid Medicine free of charge. With this medicine in hand make your way back to the Narwhal.

Bring the Medicine to Octlana

Image showing giving the medicine to Octlana.

Once you have the medicine the next step in the quest is to take it to Octlana. Octlana can be found back the the Narwhal wreckage. Before heading back there you want to start the other two quests: Free Matthew and Beached Narwhal to save yourself some time. Make sure you complete the Beached Narwhal quest up to the point of getting the acid-proof surfboard so you can return to the crash site.

After you’ve gotten the acid-proof surfboard head back to Octlana and give her the medicine. She will thank you for your efforts and will give you the TC016: Held Anger and will ask you to find two people for her.

Finding Izel and Kamel

Image showing where to find Izel and Kamel in Temtem.

After you’ve delivered the medicine to Octlana she will ask you to complete find a couple of people for here. These people are Izel (her wife) and . The locations of each person are as follows:

  1. Izel: first house on west-side of Quetzal next to exit. Inside house speak to Izel to receive 1x Squeezer. Ask her about the missing navigator Kemal. She says to go to the Jaguar Lounge to look.
  2. Kamel: head to Jaguar Lounge and ask Iztli about Kemal. Iztli says to ask Jimena the old lady sitting at the bar. Speak to Jimena to learn she doesn’t know. Next you can ask a miner or smith about Kemal’s location. To be safe speak to everyone in the tavern about Kemal then exit. This triggers a cutscene with the guards and Manki.
  3. Head to Manki’s beside the smith’s guild. Inside the house you will find Kemal on the bed. Speak to him.

Once you’ve exhausted dialogue with Kemal he will tell you to speak to Manki. Speak to Manki to learn he can teach you to Rock Hop after you’ve completed everything you need to in Quetzal. After this conversation he will give you the Rock Shield.

Upon completion of all three main quests you need to speak with Captain Magda in the Quetzal airport. Captain Magda will tell you it is impossible to fly so the only other option is to Rock Hop. This allows you to meet with Manki to learn how to Rock Hop.

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