Temtem: Cultist Hunt Quest Guide

On the island of Tucma in Temtem there area a number of side quests for players to complete. These side quests reward you with different items that can be useful on your Temtem journey. To help you complete each quest I’ve been throwing together a number of quest guides. The post below is our Cultist Hunt quest guide. Use it to easily complete this side quest.

Important Note: this area requires having the Rock-Hopping Hook to traverse. See guide here on how to get this item.

Where to Start Cultist Hunt Side Quest?

Image showing Where to Start Cultist Hunt Side Quest in Temtem.

To start this side quest in Temtem make your way to the area called Kupeleleza on the west coast of Tucma. In this area you need to use the Rock-Hopping Hook to reach the furthest west island. Here you will meet two tamers. Defeat them in battle then agree to help them search for the Crystal Temtem cultists.

Where to Find the Crystal Temtem Cultists?

Image showing Where to Find the Crystal Temtem Cultists.

Note: the cultists on this island will only fight you if you have a team of Crystal type Temtem. If you need to catch some to fill out your squad simply head to the mines.

Once you’ve spoken to the duo you will notice a new question mark appears on you map on the east side of Tucma. Make the long track to this mark to reach a floating island with multiple cult members on it. To complete this portion of the quest you need to defeat the cult members (4 fights total).

Upon defeat of the cultists you will gain access to the Crystal Sanctum (which is a place of power). With this news head back to the two tamers in Kupeleleza and report your findings. For completing the mission you receive the Sweatband which restores 15% of max stamina at the start of the turn.

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