Temtem – Comprehensive Breeding Guide

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Breeding is the method of creating new Temtem Eggs by putting two compatible Temtem together. This guide explains method in detail.

All About Breeding


Through breeding, newborn Temtem can inherit different aspects from their parents such as Techniques, Traits and Single Values, allowing the players to create unique Temtem that cannot be otherwise be found naturally in the wild.


If two Temtem share a type, the pair is compatible for breeding. If they do not share a type, they cannot be bred.

For Temtem with two types, the other Temtem only needs one of their types to be compatible. For example, a Temtem that is both Water Type and Electric Type can breed with any Temtem that has either Water or Electric as at least one of its types.


Temtem have a fertility value that lowers each time a new Egg is produced. This is so a Temtem can only breed a specific amount of times. There is no way to regain fertility. It is currently maxed at 8 levels.

While producing an offspring, both parents will lose one level of fertility. The resulting child will inherit the lower fertility value between the two parents **after** its egg is producted. For example, if one parent had 8 fertility and the other had 6, after producing an egg their fertility will lower to 7 and 5, respectively, and the child will be born with 5 fertility as well.

In the case of wild Temtem, their fertility is normally level 8, however this value is the default but is also lowered by having “good SV”, meaning any SV value higher than 45. At one or two good stats the fertility drops to 7, three or four good stats lower it to 6, five or six good stats lower it to 5 and having all seven stats good lower it to a minimum of 4.

Acquiring Eggs

To breed a Temtem, the player must go to a Breeding Center and deposit their desired pair to begin the process. The Breeding Center can hold up to two different couples at the same time. It will usually take 25 minutes in real time for the pair to produce an egg, or 15 minutes if both parents are of the same evolutionary line. The egg will contain a Level 1 Temtem of the first form of the mother’s evolutionary line. The Breeding Center can only store one egg per Temtem pair, so the player has to get the egg before the pair can start the breeding process again.

Hatching an egg requires 5-45 minutes to hatch, depending on the child Temtem’s capture rate. Eggs deposited in the terminal do not have a timer, and therefore will not hatch until removed.


The offspring of breeding will inherit from its parents in multiple aspects:

  • Fertility – Children will inherit the lower value between the parents fertility counter after the egg is produced. For example, if the parents had 5 and 8 fertility, and produced an egg, their fertility is lowered to 4 and 7 respectively, so the child will inherit a fertility value of 4 as a result.
  • Techniques – Every Temtem species has a set of techniques it may learn from its parents the moment it hatches. This allows newborns to know moves they would not naturally learn while leveling up.
  • Single Values – Every one of the childs stats has a 40% chance being the higher SV value between the parents, 40% chance being the average of both parents SVs, and 20% chance being the lower of the two SVs.
  • Traits – By default, traits are not inherited and instead will be selected randomly upon hatching, although like SVs, certain gear items can ensure inheriting traits from one of the parents.
  • Luma Temtem – Bred Temtem normally have the same chance being of Luma as Temtem in the wild do. This chance increases by x10 if one of the parents is Luma and further increases by x100 if both parents are Luma. Luma temtem produced this way follow the same rules of inheritance for Single values as regular Temtem.

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