Temtem: Beached Narwhal Quest Guide

Upon completion of the Quetzal Dojo in Temtem you will unlock a number of quests that need to be completed in order to advance the story. These quests involve getting medicine, freeing Matthew from prison, and fixing Narwhal. The second quest I will show you how to complete is the one to fix the Narwhal. Continue reading our Beached Narwhal quest guide below.

Ask the Guildmaster to Repair the Narwhal

Image showing the location of the Quetzal Smith's Guild in Temtem.

When ready make your way to the Quetzal Smith’s Guild (circled on map above) and head inside. Speak to Guildmaster Jatziri who is using the anvil. Ask if they can repair an airship. Offer to help get the ore to learn about accessing the mines from Kakama Cenote. To do this you need to get your sufboard back from the merchant Akatzin.

How to Get Surfboard from Akatzin?

Image showing Akatzin in Temtem.

Head to the store aptly named Akatzin’s Tamer’s Supplies and speak to Akatzin behind the counter. Exhaust the dialogue to learn he wants a Toxolotl. You need to catch one (see location), or have one already available to give him in order to advance this quest-line.

When you do give him a Toxolotl he will give you your surfboard back. With the surfboard in hand you are able to sail the Xolot Reservoir after you acid proof it.

Where to Catch Toxolotl?

Image showing where to catch Toxolotl in Temtem.

You will find Toxolotl in the grasses of the Xolot Resevoir area on Tucma. If you want to see the exact location I found mine check the map above. Be sure you have a lot of Temcards on you to ensure you are able to catch the Temtem when it appears.

Acid-Proof Your Surfboard

Image showing how to get the Acid-Proof surfboard.

Once you have the surfboard you learn that you need to acid proof it by speaking to Sugey. Sugey can be found on the banks of the Xolot Resevoir next to the Temtem healing station. Speak to her to start a short quest sequence involving collecting samples of water from underground sources in the mines.

Where to find Water Samples A+B?

Image showing the location of the water samples in Temtem.

There are two samples you need to collect in the mines. These water sources will be marked on you map but I’ve also highlighted them in the map above. When you reach a water source simply interact with the sparkling portion of it to collect a sample.

Once you’ve collected both samples head back to Sugey and give the samples to her. After this is done you will get the Acid-Proof surfboard which let’s you ride on the poison water in this area.

Open Shortcut to Iron-Veins

Image showing the cave leading to the Iron-Veins in Temtem.

Now that we’ve done everything necessary to complete this quest it is time to actually complete it. If you remember correctly the quest was to open a shortcut to access iron veins underground. To do this surf over to the location marked on the map above and enter the cave there.

Make your way down the steps and surf to the south through the cave until you reach the centre island. Here you will be attacked by your rival. Defeat your rival and grab the Shuine’s Horn from the pedestal. Surf to the left side of the room and enter the mines. Walk along the top right-side of this room until you reach a locked door. Insert the Shuine’s Horn to open the door. Head back to the Guildmaster at the Smith’s Guild and report the good news.

Upon completion of all three main quests you need to speak with Captain Magda in the Quetzal airport. Captain Magda will tell you it is impossible to fly so the only other option is to Rock Hop. This allows you to meet with Manki to learn how to Rock Hop.

This concludes the Beached Narwhal Quest in Temtem. You must complete this mission in order to advance the main story of the game.

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