Temtem: Arissola Dojo Enemy Temtem List

The first dojo you will visit in Temtem is located in Arissola. This dojo is headed by Sophia who is out at the Windward Fortress. Upon freeing Sophia from here imprisonment you will return to Arissola to fight her in her dojo. To help you complete the first dojo in the game use the Arissola Dojo Enemy Temtem list below.

Important: this Dojo is Air and Water type Temtem. Plan your party accordingly to exploit their weaknesses (see here).

Arissola Dojo Tamers Temtem List

Image showing Sophia in Temtem.

To traverse this dojo you need to use the air and water vents to move from platform to platform. Use these platforms to propel you to the top of the Dojo to reach Sophia. Along the way you will faceoff against the Tamers listed below.

Emery & Carmela (3x Temtem)

  • Loali (Lv.17).
  • Saipat (Lv.17).
  • Piraniant (Lv.17).

Nisanur & IIaria (2x Temtem)

  • Saku (Lv.19).
  • Loali (Lv.18).

Samael (1x Temtem)

  • Saipat (Lv.24).

Yulfira & Abba (2x Temtem)

  • Nessla (Lv.18).
  • Wiplump (Lv.18).

Romano & Zeno (4x Temtem)

  • Nessla (Lv.16).
  • Saku (Lv.16).
  • Kalabyss (Lv. 15).
  • Tuwai (Lv.15).

Dojo 1st Lieutenant & Dojo 2nd Lieutenant (5x Temtem)

  • Barnshe (Lv.18).
  • Paharac (Lv.18).
  • Ukama (Lv.15).
  • Skunch (Lv.15).
  • Wiplump (Lv.17).

Sophia Temtem Used in Arissola Dojo (6x Temtem)

  • Kalabyss (Lv.17).
  • Loali (Lv.17).
  • Sparzy (Lv.18).
  • Oceara (Lv.22).
  • Pigepic (Lv.19).
  • Tuwai (Lv.21).

Upon defeat of Sophia you will get the Surfboard. With this item you can start to surf the various bodies of water around the islands. This allows you to reach new areas and complete certain side quests.

That’s all you need to know about the different Temtem used in the Arissola Dojo. If you stack your team with electric and normal types you shouldn’t have much of a problem making your way through this first Dojo.

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