Temtem: A Rock Too Far Quest Guide

After you get the Rock-Hopping Hook in Temtem you will be able to explore a new portion of the Tucma island that is only accessible by Rock Hopping. In this new area there are a number of new NPCs including some that give side quests. One NPC you battle will ask you to look for her son. To help you find him use our A Rock Too Far quest guide below.

Important Note: you need the Rock-Hopping Hook to access this side quest.

Where to Start A Rock Too Far Quest?

Image showing where to meet Zulia to start quest.

Zulia can be found in at the location marked on the map above. When you first approach her she will battle you. Once you defeat Zulia she will mention her son, Yaba has gone missing. Offer to help find Yaba to start the quest. Zulia gives you a hint to get started which is to speak to the Lifeguard.

Where to Find the Lifeguard?

Image showing where to find the Lifeguard in Temtem.

Once you’ve spoken to Zulia you will notice a ? appears on your map to the east. This ? is the location of the Lifeguard. Approach the Lifeguard and speak with him about Yaba being missing. The Lifeguard mentions seeing Yaba with Tochtli earlier. He then says to return to the Zulia to get more information. Head back to Zulia and talk to her about Tochtli.

Where to find Tochtli?

Image showing where to find Tochtli in Temtem.

Once you’ve spoken to Zulia again you will notice a ? appears on your map to the north. This ? is the location of the Tochtli. Make your way over to Tochtli and speak to her. She will challenge you to a fight (team is fairly weak). Defeat her to learn that when they were racing Yaba disappeared. Return to Zulia and break the news. Zulia tells you to find a master tracker that lives nearby.

Where to find the Tracker and How to Answer Tracker Questions?

Image showing where to find the Tracker in Temtem.

The tracker can be found to the east of where you found Tocktli inside the house there. Go into the house and speak to the tracker. During the conversation answer the following way:

  1. Yaba vanished in Kuleleleza.
  2. That must have been him and Tochtli.
  3. A Hidody?
  4. A Mudrid?
  5. Surface bandits?
  6. I should go explore the ledge.

With these answers inputted in the order above you will learn the location of Yaba who is being held on the eastern edge of Kupeleleza.

Where to Find Yaba?

Image showing where to find Yaba in Temtem.

Make your way to the east side of Kupeleleza to the ? on your map. Here you will find Yaba and two surface bandits. You need to defeat both bandits to free Yaba. Defeat the bandits and free Yaba.

Return to Zulia and speak with her to get your reward. For completing this quest you earn the TC015: Footwork. This ability can be taught to your various Temtem. Not a bad reward at all.

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