The Last Login is a Cyberpunk 2077 Gig located in Kabuki Watson just north of the central Kabuki district. This gig requires you to steal and deposit a laptop for Regina Jones. Towards the end of the gig you will cross paths with a ripperdoc names Charles, confronting him about the goings on in his building. Charles tells you he didn’t know about what was going on downstairs or anything about the laptop. Find out if you should tell Charles he’s lying in Last Login Cyberpunk 2077. 

Last Login Guide

To get the Last Login gig, head to the center of the Kabuki Watson district. You will see the gig and a ripper doc icon just north of the central Kabuki district. If you’ve already completed the gig and are at the Charles dialogue, skip ahead

The Last Login is a thievery gig, so it’s more fun to do stealthy, but there aren’t very many enemies involved, so it’s a simple gig to complete with weapons.

You can enter through the main door. You will see two guards in the middle of the room, scan it, and you will see a Crate Stack above one of them. Use a quickhack to Break the Chain and immediately kill one of the guards. Finish the other off and head into the room on the right. 

On the right side of the room, head down the stairs and find an operating room with two enemies. Finish them off however you like and steal Alois’ Laptop from the countertop. 

Follow the markers to exit the building. On your way out, you will run across Charles the ripperdoc. Charles will tell you that he’s the hostage of the guys you killed downstairs, and he doesn’t know anything about what goes on down there. We will be given the option to call Charles out for lying or not at this point. 

Tell Charles He’s Lying in Last Login Cyberpunk 2077

You will technically have three options here. You can say I believe you to Charles, which will do nothing, or you can tell him You’re Lying. Telling Charles he’s lying will make him offer you a discount at his shop. Take the Deal, and you will have a modest discount on some of his Cyberware. If you tell him to F*** Off, he will bolt out of the building, and you won’t see him again. 

So Tell Charles he’s lying in Last Login Cyberpunk 2077 and take the discounted cyberware deal. He doesn’t have the greatest Cyberware, but he has two legendary Circulatory System items. A Feedback Circuit and Adrenaline booster.

If you take his deal you will get a 4200 and a 5600 eddy discount, respectively, along with discounts on all his other cyberware. If you are running short on cash, check out our How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077 Guide