Tangledeep – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide contains complete achievement list, tips on how to get them and general info about the game.

Complete Achievement Guide

Storyline Achievements

You will unlock these achievements naturally as you progress through the game to the final boss.

Duke Dirtbeak Defeated

  • Beat up Duke Dirtbeak and his Bird Boyz.

Shadow Slayer

  • Defeat the twin Demon Spirits.

A New Kind of Beast

  • Defeat the third boss.


  • Defeat the final boss.

Character Achievements

These require getting to a certain level or gaining a certain ability with your character.

One Class Lass

  • Learn every skill of a job.

  • You will need a few thousand JP to buy all the abilities of a class.
  • The initial feat Fast Learner can help you get these quicker.
  • If you decide to make your first full class Calligrapher, you can get that other achievement too.

A Nice Round


  • Reach experience level 10.

Max Power!

  • Reach experience level 15.

This is the capped level in vanilla mode of the game.

Jill of All Trades

  • Change jobs three times for a single character.

You can change jobs by talking to the turtle priest, just change jobs 3 times.

Ace of Armaments

  • Learn all masteries for a single weapon type.

You need to spend a several JP (Job Points) to get all the abilities of a single weapon, the problem here is that you need to learn an Ultimate Move to completely master a weapon. To learn an ultimate move you need to buy all the previous upgrades and then kill 25 non-trivial champions with the weapon you want to master in your main hand.

You can only learn one ultimate technique per adventuress.

This means that if you learn the ultimate technique for swords, you wont be able to get the achievement: Whip It Good which requires the whip ultimate.

The Whip is a weapon that you can get if you install Dawn of Dragons DLC.

So yeah, if you want to unlock both achievements, choose Whips to sink your JP into.

Misc Achievements

Big Game Hunter

  • Defeat 10 Champion monsters in a single run.

I’m A Survivor

  • You didn’t give up at 1 HP!

You need to have exactly 1HP for this to trigger, I died right after but got the achievement.

Fight in the First floor with some decent armor, if you can get damaged for around 1 or 2 points in each attack, this will be easy. I also read you can use Lava to try and do this one.

This Is Mine Now

  • Sit on Duke Dirtbeak’s throne.

After you beat the first boss on the 6th floor, just scooch over the throne and get this.

One More Run…

  • Create at least 20 characters.

This can be done in multiple playthroughs and save files, I believe.

Legendary Locator

  • Find your first legendary item!

You can get Legendary items from Pandora Boxes and Rumors, get them from the Casino and you can also buy them from shops in some upper floors, Tales and Item Dreams.

Gear Set Match

  • Complete a Gear Set.

  • You will rarely find green text items, these are items part of a gear set.
  • Equip 3 items from a gear set and this achievement will unlock.

I used the Casino to get my gear set, they spawn frequently in that shop.

One Punch Woman

  • One-shot a monster using only your fists.

  • This is easy to do once you are high level and have decent strength.
  • One shot a slime on the first floor of Tangledeep.

Capricious Capitalist

  • Spend 10,000 gold in shops.


  • Add every monster in the game to your Monsterpedia.

  • You really dont have to add every monster, just the ones found in Tangledeep on your way to the final boss. So this one is pretty easy once you are about to finish the main storyline.
  • Remember that when you reach certain floors, you can branch into two paths.
  • Different monsters roam the different paths.
  • Once you defeat the boss at floor 6, you would need to go back down through the other path to find the extra monsters.

Always Thirsty

  • Drink from your flask 250 times.

This counts across multiple playthroughs and maybe even save files.

The Iron Chef

  • Learn every recipe in the game.

  • Standing next to the campfire in town and activating it will give you access to the cooking interface.
  • By using tup to 3 ingredients, you can create several foods.
  • You can buy ingredients from a bear nearby, their stock refreshes every new day.
  • You can also find them as loot in the dungeons.

I Don’t Need Recipes

  • Create 10 Tangledeep Curries. Delicious (Not really).
  • To create a Tangledeep Curry, just fail at making any of the other working recipes. (see above)

Monster Whisperer

  • Fill the Monster Corral with monsters.

  • Capture or Breed up to 12 monsters.
  • The Corral capacity is 12, once the Corral is full, you get this achievement.

Where Did That Come From?

  • Hatch a monster from the corral.

  • To breed a monster, you need two captured pet monsters fall in love with each other.
  • To do this, you need to cook a special food with the Rose Petals as a Spice Ingredient.
  • Once you have 4 or 5 of these foods, go to the Corral and choose the option to have a Monster Romantic Dinner.
  • After several Dinners, your monsters will breed but only if you have enough space for the offspring.
  • Once the offspring hatches, you will get this achievement.

Caught a Coolfrog

  • Knock a Coolfrog out with a Monster Mallet.

  • While exploring Item Dreams you have a chance of triggering floor events.
  • One of these events is a GoldFrog floor where the floor is full of goldfrogs and coolfrogs.
  • Coolfrogs look exactly as how this achievement icon looks like: a Goldfrog with shades.

Make sure to always have at least 1 space open in your corral and keep exploring item worlds until you find this event.

Try not to kill the coolfrog, use offensive items like caltrops or flame cocktails, if you have low STR, you can use your fists to whittle down the Coolfrog’s HP.

If you have unlocked the beastlake park bonus, you need only need to bring the HP down to 20% instead of 15%.

Corral Caretaker

  • Receive a letter from a happily released pet.

To get a letter you must release a monster pet with 10 happiness (Joyous) then, you have 10% chance of receiving a letter at the start of a new day.

The chance will go up by 10% every consecutive day up to a maximum of 50% chance in the 5th day after you released the creature.

You will see the letter as an item on the floor as soon as you enter the new day. So be on the lookout for it.

The best way to increase your chances is to release a lot of pets, although you can only receive one letter per day, your chances will improve.

If you breed 2 joyous happiness monsters, the offspring will also be joyous, you can farm letters this way. Breed 2 Joyous monsters, release the offspring, repeat.

The letter is used is to give one of your pet one of the letter writer’s abilities. This is a good way to create an ultimate pet by breeding good stats onto them then customizing their abilities through letters. Your pet can have a maximum of 6 abilities.

Ascension Plus

  • Defeat the final boss in New Game+ mode.

Once you clear the game, you can restart it as a New Game+, defeat the final boss again in this mode.

Dreamcaster Achievements

Once you progress enough in the game, you will unlock access to the Dreamcaster.

Using the Dreamcaster will allow you to enter an Item Dream.

The Dream Warrior

  • Clear 10 Item Dreams.


  • Max out the number of magic properties on an item.

You need to add six magic properties to an item, that means clearing six item dreams into the same item or maybe less if your item already has some properties to begin with.

Vanquisher of Nightmares

  • Clear an Item Nightmare and defeat its boss.

To enter a item nightmare, one must first acquire a Nightmare Orb and use it on the dreamcaster to enter an Item.

To get a Nightmare orb, you need three red orb shards to craft one which can be acquired by defeating Nightmare Princes while doing Item Dreams.

You can craft this orb by talking to the chicken scientist guy infront of the dreamcaster.

To find a Nightmare Prince, there is a chance of their lair spawning on the final floor of an Item Dream, defeat the prince and you can get a shard.

I felt the chance is higher, the higher ranking the item is. Legendaries and such.

Once inside the Nightmare Orb, you will be attacked by the Nightmare Queen, run from her while looking for the crystal somewhere in the floor, destroy the crystal and find the stairs leading up.

Repeat that two more times and the Queen will lose her invincibility, fight her along with her princes.

Win the fight and the achievement is yours!

Distant Dream Dimension

  • Discovered a Dream of Dungeons Distant.

I still havent found this one but according to what I read, there is a small chance (forums say 1%) for this event to trigger once a new day begins and then you talk to the science bird, the threads or the wiki are not clear on this, I will update this once I find out more.

Distant Dream Destroyer

  • Defeated the hidden boss of the Dungeons Distant!

Leaderboard Achievements

Nothing specific to say about these, you get the option to create a new save file slot with these two modes. The weekly sound okish if you have enough free time but the dailies are tough.

I havent tackled these yet but I’ll add some tips here once I do.

Halfway There (Daily)

  • Reach the 11th floor of Tangledeep in a Daily Challenge.

Halfway There (Weekly)

  • Reach the 11th floor of Tangledeep in a Weekly Challenge.

Ascension (Daily)

  • Defeat the final boss in a Daily Challenge.

Ascension (Weekly)

  • Defeat the final boss in a Weekly Challenge.

Shara’s Story Achievements (Legend of Shara)

Birds of a Feather

  • Help Duke Dirtbeak in Shara’s Story.

Boss Lady

  • Defeat the second boss in Shara’s Story.

Purpose Clarified

  • Defeat the third boss in Shara’s Story.

The Legend, Complete

  • Defeat the final boss in Shara’s Story.

Misc Achievements (Legend of Shara)

Potential Unleashed

  • Reach experience level 20.

You will naturally get to level 20 eventually as you explore Item Dreams, Tales of the Wanderer and try to defeat the Dragons, that is, if you survive.

The Pen and the Sword

  • Master the Calligrapher job.

A new job introduced with this DLC, simply buy all the abilities of the class with JP and this achievement will unlock.

Wanderer / Fisher Achievements


  • Complete a Wanderer’s Journey.

The Wanderer will appear in your townsite after you defeat the first storyline boss.

The Ultimate Challenge

  • Conquer the Tower of Ordeals!

The Tower of Ordeals is one of the tales you can play with the wanderer (fishing guy).

It can only be unlocked after finishing the first tutorial tale.

The Tower is made of 50 floors and its a real challenge if you dont master your class since you start at level 1 without equipment, pets or skills (practically from zero).

If you die in the Tower, you will be expelled and you will keep nothing, but your normal stuff will be returned to you.. still, it will be a waste of time.

Here are some tips that might help you overcome this scenario:

Pick a job you are comfortable with, you wont be able to change jobs while in the tower, so make sure you can bring a job unique potential.

I used summoner because the summons help as decoys and meat shields plus I can still use spells.

It might be too late but at the beginning of the story, you can pick 2 feats and several advantages or penalties to make the game easier/harder.

I picked Toughness and Fast learner, these helped me in the Tower too along with the advantages (regen outside combat, etc)

Clear every floor and find the merchants, you need to equip yourself and get enough money for the best stuff.

I would suggest you dont go further until you are decently equipped, remember that monster will constantly spawn and drop loot.

Clearing an entire floor will also level you up.

Never go up a floor if the floor you are in says Hard. Try to avoid moving on if it says Tricky and only move when it says Easy just to be safe.

Be patient and grind a while.

Champions are super dangerous, train in fighting them in the normal floor or Item Dreams first, each champion has one or two unique attacks and you should know how to handle the situations.

If you can, get weapons with elemental effects, some champions are vulnerable to certain attacks.

Same goes with spells, if you are magic-based.

Use and buy consumables, they are there for a good reason and help lots in sticky situations.

You will get a lot of chances at campfires, cook your meals and get the good stuff (66%HP heal food item or Total Energy recovery Item)

After Floor 30, it gets rough and you will need to learn when to fight and when to run, this is where summons come in handy.

Do not take on 3~4 enemies at once, try to bait them to divide and conquer.

Don’t forget your healing flask, there will be a lot of fountains here.

A Lady and a Scholar

  • Decipher ten Runes of Knowledge.

Use 10 runes to gain special abilities.

Runes can be found inside the fisherman (wanderer) tales.

Monster dont drop them, I personally bought them off from merchants along the way, I never found 2 runes in a single rune in shops, however.

Maybe The Memory King in the Tale might drop one instead of a relic, but Im not too sure, I do know a shop will always have one for sale in a single run.

You might not be able to bring the rune out from the tale with you, but thats ok, the moment you use it, the achievement counter will go up.

This also counts for duplicate runes, I think I used the same rune twice and it still counted.

I not 100% sure, but the counter might remain intact through several different lives, meaning, you dont need to use 10 runes with the same adventuress.

So, in your wanderer tale run, always clear the complete map to make sure you dont pass a shop, once you buy the rune, you can just rush to the finish.

I grinded Hall of Champions for some hours until I got them all, getting cool relics along the way.

Fabled Tamer

  • Capture an Eidolon.

The Eidolon is a creature that can be found in The Realm of the Gods area, I found mine in Floor 5 of the Realm of the Gods.

The Realm of the Gods can be unlocked by finishing the game and also finishing the wanderer’s (fishing guy) first tutorial realm.

Like the coolfrog, you need to find the Eidolon and whittle its HP enough for you to use a hammer, then avoid him dying from other enemies attacks until you can portal back to town and deliver it to the corral.

Make sure you have defeated most enemies around the Eidolon then whittle its HP with soft attacks, using cocktails or grenades or your fists if you do weak damage with them.

The Eidolon looks exactly as the achievement icon.

Misc Achievements (Dawn of Dragons)

Whip It Good

  • Learn the ultimate Whip mastery.

Remember that you can only learn ONE ultimate technique.

Fantastic Frog Friend

  • Use Frogcrafting 10 times.

  • To unlock frogcrafting you need to beat Horatio the Frog Dragon.
  • Once you unlock frogcrafting, you only need to craft 10 items with him.
  • The simplest recipes involve 3 common items of the same type (3x weapons, 3x armors, 3x shields/books).

Dragon Slaying Achievements (Dawn of Dragons)

Frog Dragon Conquered

  • Defeat the legendary Frog Dragon.

  • Horatio is the Frog Dragon and the first dragon you need to meet to unlock the rest of them.
  • He can be found in Frog Bog which is a hidden area in the game.

To unlock Hidden areas, you need to talk to the rumormonger in town, she is next to the campfire and hope you get the rumor about the Frog Bog.

About 1 or 2 new days, she gives out new rumors and there is a very high chance that she has a new rumor about a new hidden area, keep trying.

You can use tents to pass a day or some item dreams also let you pass day (usually, an item dream that matches your level).

Once you unlock Frog Bog, you need to clear the area free of monsters for the hidden staircase to appear.

Then you need to clear 3 floors full of mud of special frogs to get to the Boss fight: Frog Dragon, he is immune to poison.

If you are already level 20 and are equipped with your best relics and abilities, he is not that hard to beat.

Beating Horatio will unlock the Frog Magic crafting system needed for the achievement Fantastic Frog Friend.

Horatio will also unlock and tell you the location of the other 3 dragons (although he tells you the location in freaking riddles).

Jelly Dragon Conquered

  • Defeat the legendary Jelly Dragon.

Once you talk to Horatio, the Frog Dragon, after defeating him, he will tell you the location of four other dragons.

The Jelly Dragon can be found in the Hidden Area known as jelly grotto.

Jelly Grotto is probably the first hidden area you have found, so you will need to backtrack into the lower levels to find it.

  • The Gimmick of the areas leading up to the Jelly Dragon is Tower defense/attack.
  • Basically, you have towers in the area, you start with one tower and Jelly Allies.
  • Your allies will rush towards neutral or enemy towers and try to capture them.
  • Your job is to defeat enemy jellies while destroying the dark shadow ground they leave behind.

  • You will meet the Jelly Dragon at the top floor of these areas.
  • The Jelly Dragon is one of the easiest of the bunch and he only attacks with physical.
  • However, he summons jelly troops regularly as reinforcements and these have a varied methods of attack.

All in all, an easy fight once you are maxed out.

Bandit Dragon Conquered

  • Defeat the legendary Bandit Dragon.

  • The Bandit Dragon can be found through a special staircase found in DirtBeak’s Den (6F).
  • You can only unlock the stairs after talking to the Frog Dragon about the other dragon’s locations after defeating it.

The stage is tricky since you need to press pressure plates to open gates and in the first floor, you need a Knight’s Shovel to open up a wall to find the hidden staircase to the second floor.

Upper floors will have you defeat powerful champions called Gatekeepers to open the central gate which houses the staircase to the next floor.

The Bandit dragon himself is the weakest of the extra dragons and his with physical and throws caltrops around that cause bleeding.

Have anti-bleeding measures in place.

In this floor, the pressure plates will open gates that will have enemy reinforcements. Avoid opening these gates by avoiding the plates.

Its a nice little fight overall.

Tyrant Dragon Conquered

  • Defeat the legendary Tyrant Dragon.

To find the Tyrant Dragon go to Beastlake Park and climb the Vine you find there.

The following several floors will be a base defend style game where you will need to defend vinelings from wave of monsters.

I suggest playing a ranged build here or a build with lots of mobility.

Certain champion monsters will spawn and they will have to be your priority, specially the champions that summon other monsters.

  • Summoning Eggs, Scrolls of Teleportation and Chalices to heal the vinelings will help here.
  • Once you reach the top floor, you will be faces with the Tyrant Dragon.
  • He is Immune to Fire and has high physical and fire attacks.

Once he drops to around 20% HP, he will go berserks, dodge and try to use your ranged attacks unless you are a Tank.

Have your healing items handy, its a good fight.

Echo Dragon Conquered

  • Defeat the legendary Echo Dragon.

The echo Dragon can be found in a item dream, inside a red portal.

This portal will only appear if you talked to the Frog Dragon and asked about the other dragon’s locations.

I personally found the portal in my first try in the Item Dream of a Relic.

The Gimmick of these special dragon area stages are blessed pools.

In order to avoid having to defeat very hard versions of the hard monsters already in here, you must deliver the final blow to a monster inside water.

I personally left my pet back in town for this to avoid my pet killing a monster outside water.

In the final floor of the dragon’s domain you will finally be face to face against the Echo Dragon.

This boss has two main mechanics:

  1. You can only beat him over a Pool of Water, making his Dodge stat go nuts, make sure you have good accuracy for this fight.
    Also, a melee build is recommended to fight him over water and have better accuracy.
  2. He has two forms, a spirit form and a physical form, he will switch between these.
    In this physical form, he is strong against elemental attacks but open to physical attacks.
    In his spirit form, he is strong against physical but open to elemental attacks.

Echo Dragon attacks with all elements except lightning and also physical.

His most dangerous attack is shadow breath, make sure your shadow resistance is up to par.

You might want to portal out before the final fight and get your pet to help you fight the boss in the last floor.

It was a great fight overall, hope you have fun with it too.

Dragon Dawn Defeated

  • Defeat all the dragons!

Once you defeat the final dragon, you will unlock the location of the Dragon Dawn, get ready for some intense fights and bring your A-Game.

*You might need to have also cleared the game at least once for this to unlock.

Dragon Dawn Defeated+

  • Defeat all the dragons on New Game+!

Dragon Dawn Defeated++

  • Defeat all the dragons in Savage World!

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