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This is serving as a source of info about imprints in the game, since it is basically no where to be found elsewhere.

What are Imprints?

Imprints are special modifiers to all types of gear that exist as both prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes are the most valuable as they provide more powerful bonuses than the simple stat bonuses of suffixes. Prefixes on weapons will affect the shot pattern of the weapon, and are thus the most important of all imprints.

Where to Get Imprints

There are, to my knowledge, 3 possible ways of finding imprinted gear. These will be listed in order of probability. It should be noted that when dismantling a piece of imprinted gear, there is only a 25% chance you will receive the imprint from the gear.

1. Participate in shrine defenses. These are events that will be broadcasted to the server when a shrine(teleporter) will be coming under attack. If a shrine is successfully defended, one piece of imprinted gear is guaranteed to drop for each participant. This gear will be of the same tier that the area the defense took place in is.

2. Random drops from dungeon bosses. Any gear that drops from dungeon bosses has a chance to be imprinted. This is completely random, but can drop from any boss.

3. Dismantling gear. There is a very small chance that when dismantling an unimprinted piece of gear, a random imprint will be given as well as the other resources for the gear. Anecdotally, the piece must be at least T3 to have a chance, but it is unknown if it can be lower or if the tier of the gear has an effect on the chance.

Crafting with Imprints

So after dismantling many pieces of low quality gear, you’ve gotten a handful of imprints. SO now what? These imprints, especially weapon prefixes, should be saved for crafting higher tier weapons. A number of builds for different characters are hinged completely on weapon prefixes.

When you are ready to put these imprints to use, you will have to craft a new piece of gear to be able to apply them. Please note, that for each imprint, there is only a 20% chance that it will be applied to the new weapon. This can be improved by adding multiple prefixes to the weapon and then rerolling it after.

If you are planning on removing a choice imprint from one piece and putting it on a new piece of gear, don’t hold your breath. Since there is a 25% chance to extract an imprint and a 20% chance to apply it to a new piece of gear, that leaves a whopping 5% chance to move the same imprint between gear. Bloodstones should be held to save for rerolls.

Each reroll will only cost 6 bloodstones, but the cost in silver rises with the gear’s tier level.

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