Survivalist: Invisible Strain – Combat Mechanics Guide

Guide to Combat Mechanics


Hand to hand

  • Lvl 1: Allows to aim at body parts.
  • Crippled enemies easily tumble if their legs are targeted.
  • Tumbled enemies will be stunlocked if attacked repeatedly.


  • Lvl 0: Easy to miss targets, will attract attention.
  • Lvl 1: Able to aim at legs.
  • Lvl 2: Able to aim at heads.
  • Snipers lose against bows due to firing speed and similiar range.


  • Lvl 0: Able to do sneak attacks.
  • Lvl 0: Able to sprint while sneaking.
  • Lvl 5: Able to sprint while sneaking without getting detected.
  • Unarmed sneak attacks lead into choking holds, huge exhaustion.
  • Armed sneak attacks with the hunting knifes lead into stabs, possible to perform on fitness Lvl 0.

Armour and Helmets

  • Blocks bullets, arrows and sharp weapons.
  • Useless against blunt weapons, molotovs, pipebombs and zombie bites.
  • Can break over time.
  • Dealing with one Zombie.


  • Zombies cannot deal normal damage, they solely rely on grabbing and biting.
  • Zombies will leap occasionally, if they miss they will tumble and be on the ground for 1-3 seconds.
  • Zombie can easily be crippled if you aim at their legs, even with the hunting knife. (Needs Lvl1)
  • Zombies can be stunlocked when they’re on the ground. Making them easy to handle one on one.
  • It is possible to deal with white strain zombies at fitness Lvl 0 and hand to hand Lvl 1.


  • Zombies can be dispatched quickly with a hunting knife while sneaking up behind them.
  • At sneaking Lvl 0 sprinting while sneaking will alert them.
  • At sneaking Lvl 5 sprinting while sneaking will not alert them.
  • Approaching zombies from behind with wind direction aimed forward will alert them per smell.
  • Approaching zombies from behind with wind direction aimed backwards will not alert them.


  • Lvl 0 fitness will easily exhaust you in combat.
  • You can recover during combat if it’s only one zombie, side step and be patient.
  • Assassinating without a weapon will exhaust you too much, causing it to fail early.
  • Dealing with multiple zombies.


  • Determine their colour and cripple the weakest ones first. Green -> Blue -> Red -> White
  • Do not kite groups of zombies into open areas, it will easily alert other zombies and exhaust you.
  • Rely on forests to make them lose sight of you and change directions.
  • Take advantage of settlements on the map and make them deal with the zombies.
  • Crippled hordes can be dispatched one by one, stun one by targeting their legs and repeat.
  • You can lure zombies to your directions by sight or smell, forests are the best place for 1 vs 1.
  • Hide inside cars or buildings in emergencies. Sneak and leave from a different direction.



  • Lvl 0: Useless, will attract attention.
  • Lvl 1: Allows to aim at legs.
  • Lvl 2: Allows to aim at heads.
  • Useless against armour and helmets.


  • Lvl 0: Useless, wont hit anything.
  • Very effective against snipers by stunlocking them.
  • Effective for bleeding out humans.


  • Can take out humans in one hit before they start burning.
  • Can take out green zombies in one hit before they start burning.
  • White zombies have too much health, making molotovs near useless unless used in bulk.
  • Can take out wooden barricades.
  • Ignores armour.


  • Can one shot white zombies.
  • Can demolish iron fences.

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