Succubus Affection – How to Enable 18+ Content (Uncensor Patch)

Just a simple tutorial to Patch +18 Uncensored.

Tutorial to Patch

  • Enter the official website of Kagura Games and create your account.
  • After registering, access the link and download the totally free patch from this link.
  • Run the patch and select the game folder, if you don’t know, just right-click the game in your Steam Library> Manage> Go to local files.
  • Ready! Now your game is completely uncensored and with full history dialogues!

What Has Changed?

  • Now using the confirmation button (By default “A”) next to an NPC, you start a dialogue with him.

  • After defeating any Monster Girl, or filling your “Heat” bar (Pink Bar which is just below the HP) you start an animation with that specific Monster Girl.
  • Holding UP Button after “Sex” with Monster Girl, you capture it.
  • By opening the game menu, you can place up to 3 “Partners” that follow you wherever you go.

  • You can Holding “S” button to “play” with yourself.

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