Squirrel Figurine: How to Get, What it Does – Stardew Valley

There are a number of secrets for players to discover in Stardew Valley. These secrets range from special encounters to unique items that can be found in the world. One of the unique items players can find is a statue called the Squirrel Figurine. This decorative piece can be placed on your farm to liven things up a bit. To learn more about what the statue is and how to get it see our Squirrel Figurine guide below.

Where to Go to Get the Squirrel Figurine

Image showing where to go to get the Squirrel Figurine in Stardew Valley.

To get this new decoration you need to have access to the Ginger Island location. This island is home to a new mins called the volcano mine. In the volcano mine’ entrance room there is a lava section you need to cross to reach the first floor. Instead of crossing the lava make a bridge along it to the left using your watering can. This will lead you to an exit that leads to the exterior of the volcano mine.

How to Get the Squirrel Figurine

Image showing the mysterious present that has the Squirrel Figurine inside it in Stardew Valley.

Upon exiting the volcano mine you will be on the north banks of the island river. Here you want to use your fishing rod to fish into the west part of the river (left-side of your screen). When you fish in this location you will get a bit. Pull it in to receive a mysterious present marked ???. Open this present to receive the Squirrel Figurine item.

What to Do with the Squirrel Figurine

Image showing the Squirrel Figurine in Stardew Valley.

Now that you have the figurine in your possession you may be wondering what you can do with it. Well, the short answer is not a lot. The figurine itself is much like the other secret statues you can find in the game. The only really use for this item is to place it on your farm/island farm as a decoration. You can see the statue placed in the screenshot above. You will notice it is quite small, but it does capture the essence of the in-game squirrels fairly well.

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