Spintires – Ural DLC Map

Ural DLC Map – showing a few routes and marker at most difficult cloaking in north-east corner.

The Map (Ural DLC)

Map Image

Difficult Cloaking in North-East Corner

There is a cloaking which is located on top of a mountain in the north-east corner of the map – shown in the attached image with the marker #1.

I succeeded in reaching it by using the Sherp 10×10 and approaching from the south by following the river that runs along the eastern side of the map – actually driving through the water.

Eventually, there is a somewhat clear area at the base of the hill where the cloaking is on top of and one can crawl up that mountain while making sure to always remain on the ridge because the vehicle has a tendency to slide off on either west or east slopes of the hill.

There are no trees to attach the winch to so one has to go up in slow gear (manual gearbox) and try to go up in as straight a line as possible, in a north facing direction.

When getting close to the cloaking, there is a bit of a ledge at the top that the vehicle can be driven up on.

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