Spelunky 2 – How to Obtain Low Scorer Achievement

The best route for how to get Low Scorer achievement in Spelunky 2.

Low Scorer Achievement Guide


Throughout this world, you need to obtain 2 items to make this run much easier.

  1. A shotgun – For killing the final boss.
  2. A bomb box or bag – For skipping Olmec.

These allow you to beat both bosses much easier. Olmec loves feeding you pebbles of gold if you try the normal fast strats on him, and the final boss needs a shotgun unless you’re a god or very patient.

Best ways to obtain these

In Spelunky 2 you can be forgiven by shopkeepers if the damage done is minimal, so in my opinion your best option is to find a shop with bombs, and then steal only the bombs and the shotgun of the shopkeeper. Preferably do not kill the shopkeeper, or steal any other items, or else you might have them triggered at you for much longer.

If you steal only 1 item because of crate luck, then the shopkeepers should forgive you by the end of the dwelling.

On level 1-4 take the Volcana exit.


In Volcana your main objective is to get the shopkeepers to forgive you. Gold here is sparse, unlike the jungle and the levels are much faster to get through as well.

Any damage done to shopkeepers increases how long they will be pissed, so try to make it to the exit as a pacifist.

If you by chance found a jetpack or a powerpack, beware all types of fire. You could try your luck in the jungle, but from my experiences it is still easier to go Volcana because of the lack of random gold lying around.


Olmec is a gold producing machine.

Do not try to fast strat him. Lead him to the very left of the map, and then leave him there. Go to the far right under the ladder and then bomb until you make a gap for you to rope down. Then enter the tide pool.

Tide Pool

You’re half way there. Play it safe and watch out for bear traps. The only things to keep in mind with this world is that if the shopkeepers haven’t forgiven you yet, you’re probably screwed. Just go ahead and murder them all. Don’t take stupid risks, and use your bombs wisely.

Ice Caves

Don’t create explosions unless needed because it might create gold, and fling it around. Skip the inner caves if you can.

Neo Babylon

Treat it like the Tide Pools. Don’t be stupid.

Tiamat’s Throne

Run across to the left and rope up. Place a bomb on top of the blocks by her, and then shoot her a lot. Then you win!

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