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Terence ‘SoOn’ Tarlier recently announced his departure from his former team, the Boston Uprising, and is now interested in starting a new career in Riot’s new FPS Valorant. SoOn is no stranger to success, having multiple first-place finishes in various tournaments during his three years as a professional Overwatch player. The fact that he is putting all of his former success behind him to move to a brand new esport should speak to the severity of the situation. The established professional announced his departure on his Twitter, going in-depth about his circumstances.

Image via Twitter

Opportunities in Valorant

In SoOn’s TwitLonger, he cites that being a 27 year old in the competitive scene was one of the most significant reasons for his transition. This reason is a valid concern – in any competitive esport game, reaction time and critical thinking are highly desirable traits that inevitably degrade over time. However, such a restriction has not yet been deemed a death sentence in the Valorant scene; some teams have intentionally fielded older players, citing experience and leadership as necessary qualities in the esports’ infancy.  

100T’s Hiko is probably the most recognizable player on 100 Thieves’ roster for his CS:GO history and his ‘boomer’ social media presence. Hiko is joined by another 31-year-old veteran ‘steel’ to lead the young roster to greater heights. TSM’s reltuC holds the sentinel line and is known for his Cypher plays despite being even older than the aforementioned players.

Despite his age, SoOn fits the profile of a competitive pro very distinctly – he has the experience, the skill and the history to back up his resume. The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ his tryouts for a professional team will occur.