Soda Dungeon – Christmas Event Items List

Here is the list of the Christmas Event items in Soda Dungeon.

How To Get ‘Em

Christmas items are only obtainable during the Christmas event. If you really need them you can turn back the clock on your device. They are set to spawn at any time during the months of December and January.


Charity Bell: 0hp, 12atk, 0mp, 10% crit chance/80% crit damage, +15% gold earned.

Peppermint Glaive: 22hp, 22atk, 22mp, 22% crit chance/44% crit damage

Pine of Pain: 0hp, 45atk, 0mp, 10% crit chance/100% crit damage


Santa Suit: 19 Hp, 0atk, 0mp, 15% boost to magic attacks

Snow Suit: 30hp, 0atk, 10 mp


Gingerbread Shield: 17 hp, 0atk, 0mp, +2hp regen per turn

Snowflake Shield: 25hp, 0atk, 0mp, 10% crit damage

Special Items

Coal: 0hp, 0atk, 0mp, 1 use per fight, 1 target

Gold Star: 0hp, 10atk, 0mp

Stocking: 0hp, 0atk, 0mp, 20% chance of better items

Eggnog: 0hp, 0atk, 0mp, 30% boost to magic attacks, 15% essence chance

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