Slasher's Keep – Complete Achievements Guide

This is a full achievement guide for Slasher’s Keep, including all of the characters and how to unlock them. 

How to Obtain All Achievements

Unmissable Achievements


  • Defeat the giant spider

Out of the furnace

  • Escape the prison

Into the fire

  • Escape the gauntlet


  • Escape Slasher’s Keep

Miscellaneous Achievements


  • Find a secret

This achievement is basically unmissable, you’ll unlock it for entering any of the secret rooms, some floors require you to enter a secret room to progress, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble unlocking it.


  • Craft an item

Simple achievement, all you need to do is craft an item at the forge which is guaranteed to spawn on floor 3. To craft an item you require either a blade & a hilt or an axe/mace & a shaft, combine them in the crafting menu then rearrange them however you like and craft it to unlock this achievement!

It’s like a real RPG!

  • Complete a quest

You can acquire a quest from one of the talking heads you’ll come across every now and then. They give a few variations of quests all of which are quite simple, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing them.

For example

  • Spike 2 enemies at once 3 times.
  • Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion.
  • You can only have 1 quest active at a time, and it will carry over to the next floor.

Good protein

  • Eat 50 critters

You can unlock this achievement by eating the small bugs that spawn commonly on tables and shelves.


  • Save Ava

After completing the final boss battle Ava will be lying on the ground, to unlock this achievement you need to take her with you when you unlock the door. She takes up a lot of inventory spaces so you’ll have to leave a lot of loot behind.


  • Kill Bindrick

To kill Bindrick you need to keep hitting the columns holding up the balcony he’s standing on. Once they break he’ll die and this achievement is yours.

Once more into the fray

  • Re-enter Slasher’s Keep

Once you’ve finished the game, if you load the same save file you’ll be able to start the game again and unlock this achievement, however you’ll retain all of your stats and items and the enemies will be a lot harder.

Character Unlock Achievements

When starting the game you only have the option to play as either a Northerner or an Amazon, the rest of the characters require specific tasks to unlock.

*Unfortunately there seems to be a bug at the moment where sometimes characters and achievements you unlock during the end of the game won’t actually unlock even though it says you unlocked them, there’s no fix for this yet that I’m aware of. The game should be updated, and this bug fixed soon hopefully.

A gross talisman

  • Find the lucky monkey paw

To unlock the Sasquatch you need to kill Ava. She’s the final boss that dual wields swords. Once you’ve killed her you’ll be able to pick up the monkey paw and this character and achievement is yours.

A monkey’s whisper

  • Find the jade monkey

Unlocking the Undead character is very similar to the Sasquatch, however you need to kill Bindrick, the sorcerer instead of Ava. To kill him you simply need to keep hitting the wooden pillars holding up his balcony, once he falls you can pick up the Jade Monkey and this achievement and Undead will unlock.

A considerable sacrifice

  • Satisfy the god of blood

The demon is a little bit tricker to unlock, you must finish the game at least once beforehand. (doesn’t have to be the same savefile) Any of the floors after the Prison have a chance to contain a red altar. Sacrifice yourself and this achievement and character are yours.

A regular everyday human person

  • Let yourself be consumed

This character is the hardest to unlock, it requires you find an ‘energized slime sample’ and an ‘energized acid sample’ in the same run these are only dropped by the blue and green slimes respectively. If you’re lucky enough to have both samples, once you get to the mansion levels you can find a brewing stand which you can interact with and combine the samples, once combined you’ll acquire a potion, and once you drink it you’ll turn into the Jelly-man and unlock him for future runs (as well as this achievement!)

Storyline Achievements

To complete the storyline achievements you need to beat the final boss by any means as that character.


  • Complete the northerner storyline

Lovers in a dangerous dungeon

  • Complete the amazon storyline

Monkey business or whatever

  • Complete the sasquatch storyline

Rise in peace

  • Complete the undead storyline


  • Complete the demon storyline

A real human being and a real hero

  • Complete the jellyman storyline

Dungeon Achievements

*Dungeon archetypes can only be changed after you’ve beat the game once.

**Finishing an infernal dungeon will unlock all of the other dungeon achievements, so don’t bother trying to do them one at a time.

Life sentence

  • Enter an infinite dungeon

This achievement is very simple. All you need to do is load up an infinite dungeon, you don’t actually need to play it.

I’m too young to die

  • Escape a small dungeon

This achievement is unmissable as you’ll unlock it from finishing your first playthrough I just thought it fit better here.

Hey, not too rough

  • Escape a medium sized dungeon

Medium sized dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 16 – 25 floors.

Hurt me plenty

  • Escape a large dungeon

Large dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 26 – 35 floors.


  • Escape a deep dungeon

Deep dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 36 – 45 floors.


  • Escape a frightening dungeon

Frightening dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 46 – 55 floors.

Dungeon runner’s high

  • Escape a marathon sized dungeon

Marathon sized dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 56 – 65 floors.

Through hell and back

  • Escape an infernal dungeon

Infernal dungeons are dungeons with a depth of anywhere between 66 – 70 floors.

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