Simulation: Survival – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Guide

Simulation: Survival is a replayable campaign quest players can complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This campaign quest tasks you with completing a simulation event in the Bray Exoscience location on Europa. To learn more about this quest check the guide for the Simulation: Survival mission below.

Recommended Power: 1230.

How to Start Simulation: Survival

Image showing how to start the Simulation: Survival mission in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

You are first introduced to the Simulation: Survival mission via a quest from Variks called Old Secrets, New Challenges. During this quest you have to go to the Bray Exoscience building. In the control room of the lobby you will interact with a quest flag that takes you to the Simulation: Survival starting area. Once you complete this quest once you will unlock the Simulation: Survival mission on your map (as seen above). Simply interact with the icon to launch it.

How to Complete Simulation: Survival

Image showing how to trigger the Shelter from the Storm buff.

Completing this mission is largely up to how strong your build is and how you manage the Biting Cold debuff. The Biting Cold debuff stacks up to 10 when you are away from a heat source like fire or triangles the enemies drop. When it reaches 10x stacks you will start to take chip damage and your health will not respawn. To deal with this debuff you have two options:

  1. Shelter from the Storm: This buff reverses the effects of the Biting Cold debuff. When you are next fire this buff triggers, reversing the Biting Cold debuff.
  2. Enemy Drops: Each enemy you kill drops a red pyramid item. When you pick up this item it lowers the Biting Cold stack by +2.

To complete the Simulation: Survival missions you need to complete a series of platforming sections while dealing with the Biting Cold debuff. This can be done by following the hearth path that is laid out. Use both the hearth and enemy drops to reach the vex structure above.

Boss: Simulated Hydra

Image showing the Simulated Hydra boss.

At the very top of the vex structure you will encounter the boss of the simulation which is called the Simulated Hydra. This boss fight is a no respawn zone meaning you need to take it out in one life. During this fight you need to deal with the Biting Cold debuff while fighting the boss. You will mainly rely on the ads that spawn in to keep the debuff managed as the Hyrda will stay around the fire in the middle.

When you do manage to defeat the Simulated Hydra a chest will appear. You can get loot this chest for a weapon or gear item. After the mission ends you will be sent back to Europa.

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