Simple Story – Alex – Comprehensive Achievement Guide

Here is short little guide to get all achievements in this game easily!

How to Obtain All Achievements


I’ve put the achievements in chronological order, so that you are able to get all of them in one playthrough. They are pretty easy and don’t take too long, so you shouldn’t have a problem to collect them all.

Start Game

  • Pretty self explanatory: just start the game and you will get this achievement.

Don’t Take My Coconuts

  • When you’re at the palm island, you get the task to collect at least 10 coconuts. For this achievement, you need to collect every single coconut there is. After interacting with every object, you should now have a total of 15 coconuts. Now just talk to the person and the achievement is yours.


  • After getting home from the palm island, interact with the right side of the cabinet that is near the kitchen. You will find a game there, which will lead you to the achievement.


  • When you’re at the cactus island, you will find a stone circle. Interact with it until you have all stones collected (20 in total) and then throw all of them into the well that is nearby. After that, you will get the achievement.

Flowers bussines

  • At the same island as the achievement before, collect every single flower that you can find. In total, there should be 32 flowers. After that, talk to the person and you will get the achievement.


  • After meeting your wife, you will get to a strange room again with lots of empty bottles. You have to interact with every single bottle you can find. After using the last bottle, you will see a message and get the achievement.

Wishing well

  • After getting to a snowy isle, you will find a well there again. Simply interact with it to spit into the well and get the achievement.

Game Over

  • Finish the game. After the credits roll, you will get the last achievement.

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