The Dream on Side Job is focused on Jefferson and Elizabeth Peralez. You will be able to do this side job after completing the I Fought the Law side job. Jefferson will call you 48 hours after completing the I Fought the Law job triggering the start of Dream On. The side job has a few tricky parts, and the end leaves you with what seems like a big decision (it’s not). After discovering a sinister plot involving the Peralez’s, you will be left with the question Should you Lie to Jefferson in Dream On Cyberpunk 2077?

 Dream On Side Job Guide

We will quickly review the Dream On side job’s full walkthrough but if you want to jump right to your final decision with Jefferson, click here.

After The Peralez’s call you, head over to their apartment building and up to their penthouse. You will sit and have a chat with them where Jefferson will reveal that there was a break-in. You will then have to Examine the apartment for clues.

Examine the Apartment in Dream On

After you’re told to examine the apartment, walk straight through the double doors, and scan the floor. You will spot bloodstains on the floor.

Follow the blood trail through the door on the right. There are more bloodstains on the floor, and you can also scan the broken screen. Continue to the two doors at the end of the room, and you will find one more bloodstain on the floor there. Scan the hidden door on the right. 

If you have 7 Body attribute points, then you can brute force your way through the door and skip the next part. If not, you will need to use a terminal to open the door. Turn around and exit the way you came in. Head down the stairs and make a left into the computer room. 

There will be a computer on the left, connect to it, and read the messages. The last message will have the access code for the main terminal. Turn behind you and access the main terminal computer. Enter the access code for the local network. 

What is the Access Code in Dream On?

The access code for the terminal is 6709. Use the code to access the computer and then click on the Local Network tab and open the door. Run back upstairs to your previous location and enter the hidden room. 

Scan the first aid on the table and then Elizabeth will enter and have a short dialogue with you. Next, you will need to scan the strange computer. The strange computer is on the right wall as you enter the room. Scan it and notice the cables exiting the top of the computer and leading up to the roof. 

Follow the cables by going up the ladder on the left. On the roof, you will find a transceiver. Look in the direction it’s pointed and scan the area. You will see a small radar dish on the left side. 

Go back and talk with Elizabeth to start the next section of the job. Now you will need to find the surveillance van. Exit the apartment and head outside. Follow the markers until you come to the parking lot where the surveillance van is. There are multiple ways to enter the parking lot, but we just jumped over the gate office. 

When you get close, the van will bolt. Get on one of your vehicles and follow it. The van will lead you into a compound with tons of enemies. Dispatch them however you see fit. We went in guns blazing and finished them all off pretty easily. 

Finally, jack into the van to find out about the evil plot. You will find out that Jefferson and Elizabeth Peralez are actually being brainwashed, and their thoughts are not their own. With your new-found information, call Elizabeth and meet her in a ramen shop. Elizabeth warns you not to tell Jefferson the truth when you meet—leading into the final part of the Dream On side job. 

Should you Lie to Jefferson in Dream On Cyberpunk 2077?

After speaking with Elizabeth at the Ramen shop, head over to meet Jefferson. Now you have the final decision. Do you lie or tell the truth to Jefferson Peralez? Your dialogue choices will be 

– It’s not Holt. You’re being brainwashed

– Don’t have much to add.

Unfortunately, what you choose here has no real bearing on the story. The ending quest dialogue will be slightly different, but the rest of the quest lines will progress the same way. We chose to tell Jefferson the truth. A few hours after the quest is over, Elizabeth will call you angry that you told the truth and not speak with you again. Either way, you don’t have any more real interaction with the Peralez family after this side job is completed.