Shop Titans – How to Convert Gems into Millions of Gold

Are you bored of having to sell item after item? Trying to get enough Gold to upgrade or expand your shop? All that pain and suffering can now cease with this new tactic to earn millions of Gold by just using a few Gems!! It only takes two simple steps and it’s really easy to complete!

How to Get Alot of Gold (Step-by-Step)

Step 1

Firstly, get some gems to use!

Firstly you will need Gems to start doing this tactic. The suggested amount of Gems you will need for this tactic is around 7 Gems per use. The best way to get Gems for free is to complete “Achievements”. Achievements can be completed by simply reaching a certain level, crafting a certain amount of items or even slaying bosses or opening Chests. Each Achievement gives a certain amount of Gems depending on how hard it is. The more Gems, the harder it is.

There are other ways to collect Gems as well! Such as simply levelling up. Each level grands you around ~5 Gems.

You can also go to the market. Go to “Requests”. Then to “Show All Requests”. From there, depending on the rarity of the items you have can differ on this optional step to earn Gems. You can gain Gems by selling rare Enchantments or Weapons. But be aware not to click, “Gold Gain”. Make sure to click, “Gems Gain.”

Step 2

Buy and Sell a Limestone Chest

Do you have enough Gems for the trick? Fantastic!! Now what you’ll need to do is to go to the City by clicking on the “City” button. After clicking that click, “Chest” which should be in between “Market” and “Guild”. After that it should take you to this screen.

From here click, “Select Chest”. Then select the “Limestone Chest” then you should be seeing this.


Now, simply buy as many Limestone Chests as you can with your Gems. After you have bought them, make your way back to the Market. Then go to “Requests”, “Show all requests” then click the key icon.

Now you should see a Chest which is worth 1,000,000 Gold. Which happens to be the Limestone Chest. You then click on it and selected “Gold Gain”. For every Limestone chest it sells for 1,000,000!!

7 Gems —> 1,000,000 Gold in two simple steps!

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