Seablip Alpha Playtest Sign-Ups Open for Pirate RPG

In 2019 a small indie title called Seablip surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. This Kickstarter was to help fund a real-time tactical pirate RPG. The RPG will allow players to traverse an open world to search for treasure and other riches. Now, the sole-developer Jardar Solli has started Seablip alpha playtest sign-ups for players that want to test the upcoming pirate game out.

Seablip Alpha Sign Up Begins on Steam

Image showing a screenshot from Seablip.

The store page for Seablip went live on Steam in November of 2020. Alongside the launch of the store page the developer announced play testing would begin in February 2021. Fans that want to get their hands on a slice of the game specifically designed for the play test should sign up on the Seablip Steam page. Here they can sign up to be notified for when access to the playtest begins rolling out. The alpha for the game is free to play and feedback will be used to help polish the game ahead of its release next year.

If you don’t know much about this pirate slice of life game you should definitely look into it. The game takes design inspiration from indie darlings Stardew Valley and FTL to create an open-world pirate game that features base building, exploration and open-sea combat.

Story wise players begin the game as a captain on a small island called Seablip. Being a captain means access to ship to sail the high seas. While sailing the seas players encounter various mysteries, enemies, and islands. Flanking this exploration is a larger story about the battle of the Redcoats and Blue coats and a “mystic sound coming from the north”. This overarching mystery is for players to discover as they playthrough the game.

Seablip has a planned release date of February 2022 on PC and Mac. The playtest is set to run from February 19-21, 2021.

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