In the Golden Age of Piracy, a flag was a vital tool. It wasn’t just a decoration; a flag signaled affiliation, utility, and perhaps most importantly, intent, all in distinctive colors and patterns that could be seen from a spyglass in a crow’s nest. The reason people feared the ol’ skull and crossbones was because it was basically a long-distance death threat. If you fancy yourself an aficionado of flags, you’ll definitely want to check out the Reapers vs The World event in Sea of Thieves.

As the first major event of Season 2, Reapers vs The World is an appropriately large-scale affair, pitting the Reapers against, well, the entire world. More specifically, the three major Trading Companies, the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance, are all eager to spread their influence across the seas and rake in the mad dollars, which is why they’ve begun offering rewards to those who fly their flags and complete their challenges. However, the Reaper’s Bones, who fancy themselves flag collectors, heard about the Companies and their efforts, and decided to offer their own challenges of their own. Anyone who flies their flag can earn rewards by pilfering the flags from Company ships. Whichever side you choose, there’s scores of booty to be earned.

Sea of Thieves Reapers vs The World Event Guide

Here’s how it works: starting today, and every couple of weeks after, a new set of challenges from one of the three Companies will be available. If you fly a particular company’s flag and complete their challenges, you’ll earn tangible rewards like cash, as well as cool cosmetics themed to that particular company.

Gold Hoarder Challenges (Available now)

  • Golden Goals: Hand in 5 chests and relics to the Gold Hoarders
  • Grade Expectations: Reach Emissary Grade 5
  • Ship of Fortune: Fully represent the Company through your costume
  • It’s About the Journey: Sail 10 nautical miles while undertaking Gold Hoarders Voyages
  • Making Money: Earn 20,000 gold from handing in valuable items to the Gold Hoarders
  • Hostile Takeover: Defeat two active Skeleton Forts of any kind and open their Stronghold Vaults

Order of Souls Challenges (Available May 6th)

  • Order’s Captains: Hand in 5 Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Making the Grade: Reach Emissary Grade 5
  • Dress to Impress: Fully represent the Company through your costume
  • The Scenic Route: Sail 10 nautical miles while undertaking Order of Souls Voyages
  • Soul Payment: Earn 20,000 gold from handing in valuable items to the Order of Souls
  • All Burned Up: Defeat Flameheart’s fleet and his flagship, the Burning Blade, twice

Merchant Alliance Challenges (Available May 20th)

  • Get Goods: Hand in 5 Merchant-specific items to the Merchant Alliance, i.e. goods crates
  • Grade Out: Reach Emissary Grade 5
  • For The Uniform: Fully represent the Company through your costume
  • Shipping and Handling: Sail 10 nautical miles while undertaking Trade Goods or Lost Shipments Voyages for the Merchant Alliance
  • Chartered Accountancy: Earn 20,000 gold from handing in valuable items
  • Bad for Business: Defeat Flameheart’s Ashen Lords, twice

Completing certain numbers of challenges will earn you the following rewards:

  • Gold Hoarders Lantern (5 Event Challenges)
  • Order of Souls Spyglass (10 Event Challenges)
  • Merchant Alliance Compass (15 Event Challenges)
  • Emissary of Excellence title (18 Event Challenges)

However, at the same time, you can choose to fly the Reapers’ flag and attempt to plunder vessels flying one of the Company flags. If you steal enough Company flags, you can trade them in for Reaper-themed rewards. 10 flags will net you a reward themed to whichever Company has lost the most flags, while 20 flags will grant you the title of “Reaper of Fallen Flags.”

This event will be running until June 22, so you’ve got pretty much all of spring to get out there and ship some loot (or steal it).