Santa Claus in Trouble – How to Get the Abstinence Achievement

This guide will help you get the only hidden achievement in the game 🙂

Getting the Achievement

Abstinence is a hidden achievement that you can get from the start of the game. You have to avoid every present in a level. It is not very hard to get it but it requires some precise jumps.

  • 1) Start the PROLOGUE episode (I find this to be the easiest to get the achievement).
  • 2) The path until the first checkpoint is pretty easy. Just avoid the presents and the enemies.
  • 3) The only challenge comes just before the second checkpoint.

You need to jump at the edge of every platform and if you accidentally collect a present, restart the level.

  • 4) If you passed this section you are almost done. The path until the end is very easy.
  • 5) When you step on the finish platform without having any presents, you will get the achievement.

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