Rocket League Modes of May Event Announced, Includes Heatseeker

Psyonix have announced the Modes of May event for Rocket League. Basically, during the month of May, players will be able to experience a different mode every week. The schedule includes Dropshot Rumble, Beach Ball, Boomer Ball, and Heatseeker. Best of all, even though these modes are Unranked, they will earn you XP like all Online Playlists do.

Rocket League Modes of May Event Announced Includes Heatseeker
Rocket League Modes of May Event Announced, Includes Heatseeker

So, what can you look forward to during Modes of May? Well, let’s go over the schedule, according to the announcement. First off, from May 1st to May 4th, you can play Dropshot Rumble. As the name implies, this mode is a mashup of Dropshot and Rumble, both of which seasoned players should be familiar with by now. Next up, from May 7th to may 11th, there’s Beach Ball mode. The gimmick here is, once again, in the name; the ball is a beach ball, so the physics are way different, and, of course, everything is summer-themed.

From May 14th to May 18th, you’ll have the chance to play Boomer Ball, which I’m sure some of you are gonna be thrilled to hear. Then, last, but certainly not least, from May 21st to May 26th, one of the game’s classic LTMs, Heatseeker, will make a return. Each of the events will start at 9 AM PDT (4 PM UTC) on their starting dates, and end at 9 AM PDT (4 PM UTC) on their respective ending days. All of them will be Unranked, and in their own separate tab in the Online Play menu.

That said, participating in Modes of May will earn you the same amount of XP as other Online Playlists. So, you can enjoy everything that Modes of May has to offer, while leveling up your Rocket Pass 6 as you normally would. So, yeah; Rocket League players have a lot to look forward to next month. Pretty great distraction from these interesting times that we’re living in.

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