My Hero Mania is a Roblox game created in 2020 that has gained a lot of popularity recently. As of this post, it’s still in the early development stages, but it’s still a lot of fun. Players can use spins to get Rare, Epic, and Legendary Powers. You can use Roblox My Hero Mania codes to gain some free spins, powers, and other in-game items. We will keep track of the complete list of codes for you to check out and use as they release.

To level up quickly, try doing as many quests as you can and avoid wandering around aimlessly. There are a few quests around the world you can complete to level up and accumulate stats. You may want to put all of your points into strength so you can destroy things easier. 

The My Hero Mania controls are as follows:

  • M: opens up the menu
  • Q: perform a dash
  • F: block attacks
  • Shift: run
  • Click: punch

There are lots of powers available in the game as well, which range from Common to Legendary. Here’s the My Hero Mania powers:

  • Common: Ice, Invisibility, Shock Absorption, Super Regeneration, Super Strength
  • Rare: Zero Gravity, Air Cannon
  • Epic: Dark Shadow, Phoenix
  • Legendary: OFA, Hell Flame, HHHC, Cremation, Fierce Wings

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes

Currently, there are no active codes for My Hero Mania. As the game becomes more popular, we expect codes to release for free spins and possibly skins. We will keep you up to date when they become available. 

As we mentioned, the game is still in the early stages, so there’s a lot to be done. You can follow PoppaPengo on Twitter to get My Hero Mania updates as they happen.