Roblox has had a fantastic 2020, becoming more popular than ever since its release nearly 15 years ago. Over 164 million people play the game, so it only makes sense that Roblox occasionally celebrates its player base with a real-life, or virtual, event like the Bloxy Awards. The annual awards ceremony also acts as a fundraiser, drawing in over 600,000 viewers in 2020. There are millions of games on Roblox being made by thousands of developers around the world. Bloxy Awards recognizes the hardworking developers and content creators and lets players vote for their favorites. Here’s a look at the Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards 2021 schedule, nominees, and winners.

Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021: Schedule

Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 takes place on Saturday, March 27, at 3 PM EST. 

How to watch the Bloxy Awards 2021

You can watch the Bloxy Awards in the Roblox digital venue here, just like you could in previous events. You can still vote for a few nominees at the terminals. English rock duo band Royal Blood is this year’s featured performer for the event.

Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards 2021 Nominees

Here are the Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards 2021 nominees in each category. We’ll post the winners after the event.

Game of the Year

  • Adopt Me!
  • Piggy
  • Royale High
  • World // Zero

Xbox Game of the Year

  • Car Crushers 2
  • Driving Simulator
  • Phantom Forces
  • Piggy

Mobile Game of the Year

  • Adopt Me!
  • BIG Paintball!
  • Piggy
  • Super Golf

Creator of the Year

  • BIG Games™
  • MiniToon
  • Nosniy Games™
  • Splitting Point Studios

Best Showcase

  • After Life
  • Graanhaven, Rotterdam
  • Lost Street
  • Totoro

Best Use of Tech

  • Dragon Adventures
  • Mermaid Life
  • Super Golf!
  • Tank Warfare

Best Sleeper Hit

  • MegaMech
  • Outlaster
  • Super Doomspire
  • The Wild West

Best Live Event

  • Adopt Me! – Fossil Isle Excavation
  • Arsenal – Halloween Event
  • Jailbreak – 3 Year Anniversary
  • RB Battles – Live Event

Best New Game

  • Brookhaven
  • Islands
  • Outlaster
  • Piggy

Best Game Trailer

  • Parenthood!
  • Tank Warfare
  • The Wild West
  • Tower Defense Simulator

Best Video Content Creator

  • GamingWithKev
  • ItsFunneh
  • KreekCraft
  • Lyna

Roblox Video of the Year

  • ElTrollino – Going from Noob Prison to Maximum Security Prison Pro
  • FGTeeV – Psycho Pig Music Video
  • L0GinHDi – “Dream” Roblox Music Video
  • LankyBox – Ultimate Roblox Piggy Song

Most Educational Game

  • Chess
  • Lua Learning
  • Space Sailors
  • Word Bomb