Bad Business is a fighting-style Roblox game developed by Rudimentality in 2019. It’s a first-person shooter type game, with long strategic rounds and lots of action. Like other Roblox games, there are lots of promo codes available which you can redeem for free in-game items like cosmetics and credits. Here’s a working up-to-date list of Roblox Bad Business codes that you can use for some freebies.

Roblox Bad Business Codes

Here’s a working list of Bad Business codes for Roblox:

  • 200MILLION: Free Credits.
  • doodledarko: Free Doodle Darko Charm.
  • Huz_Gaming: Free Hux Gaming Charm.
  • ZYLIC: Free Zylic Charm.
  • THEBOYS: Free All Might T Weapon Skin.
  • KACHING: Free Credits.
  • unicorn: VR Goggles.
  • doge: Free Doge Charm.
  • viking: Free Bearded Muscle Charm.
  • ADOPTME: Free Adopt Me Stickers.
  • juke: Free BigBrainJuke Charm.
  • blue: Free BlueGrassMonkey Charm.
  • fr0gs: Free FreeTheFr0gs Charm.
  • godstatus: Free GodStatus CHarm.
  • notvirtuo0z: Free ImMinty Charm.
  • gun: Free JUP Charm.
  • lecton: Free Lecton Gaming Charm.
  • mulletmafia: Free Mullet Charm.
  • pet: Free PetrifyTV Charm.
  • r2: Free R_2M Charm.
  • ruddevmedia: Free Ruddev Media Charm.
  • syn: Free SynthesizeOG Charm.
  • xtrnal: Free XTRNAL Charm.
  • Z_33: Free Zekro Charm.
  • zesty: Free ZestyZoocumber Charm.

All of the above codes should be working. The game developers release codes at their discretion, and we have no control over them. Whenever a new code becomes available, we’ll add it to the list. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

A majority of the codes available can be redeemed for weapon charms, which are a type of cosmetic for your gun. You can inspect your weapon with the T button to check it out in more detail.

How to Redeem Codes in Bad Business

To redeem codes in Bad Business, you can launch the game and look for the gift icon. Tap on the icon and then enter any of the codes above into the field and click Redeem. You will then receive your in-game rewards.