Riot has teased a new Valorant game mode called Replication with a new trailer that… does not explain much. Take a quick gander at the trailer before making any judgments, as the internet has theory crafted a multitude of opinions!

From the get-go, we can see a lot of Brimstone smokes going down. So much so that it can snake around the double pyramids on Breeze and cause chaos for anybody trying to aim accurately on site. As such, one can infer that Replication can multiply abilities that agents can use while on the map, which may have dire consequences for players with a lower spec computer.

Players are already calling all sorts of headache-inducing combinations. Multiple Raze grenades with one throw, a swamp of molotovs from Viper, or, god forbid, 10 Killjoy turrets staring you down at a site. The pure chaos that may ensue from this mode might be what power fantasy seekers are looking for!