In an interesting turn of events, Riot Games has decided to exclude Breeze from the pool of playable maps for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters 2 tournament being held later this month in Reykjavik. In their tweet, Riot has cited time restrictions as the root cause for the exclusion. This announcement was made earlier today and gives teams about three weeks to transition their practice schedule.

Breeze has been heralded as a beautiful map but has been particularly well received by top players. Former CS:GO pro Shroud has said he thinks Breeze ‘is the best map that Riot has ever made and that this is the direction they should go,’ referencing the map-making process. Sentinels Tenz has also voiced his enjoyment of the map, expressing particular interest in the A chute as well as playfully calling the map ‘cobblestone’ referencing Breeze’s aesthetic.