Part of what builds the atmosphere of the Resident Evil games is a scarcity of resources. The fact that you could run out of ammunition, as well as the resources to craft more, at any moment requires you to be a little more conservative with encounters against horrors and hoodlums. Of course, if you’d rather just shoot things and not worry about it, well, I’d say you’re playing the game wrong, but then I guess they wouldn’t put cheat codes in. Here’s what you need to know about Resident Evil Village’s infinite ammo cheat.

Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo Cheat

First and foremost, if you were hoping to breeze through your first playthrough of the game with infinite bullets, that ain’t happening; to unlock infinite ammo, you first need to clear the game’s story in its entirety at least once. Clearing the story unlocks both the extra Mercenaries mode and, more to the point, the Extra Content Shop. In the Extra Content Shop, you can use Completion Points (or CP) earned by accomplishing special challenges either in The Mercenaries or the main game to purchase all sorts of fun crud, including infinite variations of the game’s weaponry.

There’s a second caveat, however: before you can purchase an infinite ammo variation of a weapon, the weapon in question needs to be fully upgraded. That means fully maxed out at the Duke and all available extra parts attached. More than likely, this will require some extra playthroughs of the story to find any parts you may have missed. 

Once a gun is fully upgraded, you can then buy an infinite version from the Extra Content Shop. Remember, though, your ammo will only be infinite for that weapon; every weapon has its own infinite variation that must be purchased separately. Also, more powerful weapons like the grenade launcher will cost much more CP to get infinite versions, so try not to lay down the CP unless you’re really sure you want it. On the bright side, using infinite weapons does not disable achievements, so once you have them, feel free to milk them for all they’re worth.