Resident Evil 2 – The 4th Survivor Walkthrough (Grim Reaper Achievement / Trophy)

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The 4th Survivor Walkthrough (Grim Reaper Achievement / Trophy Guide)

In this mode, you play as Hunk (The Grim Reaper), and you need to escape the sewers and the police station with a limited amount of supplies.

You essentially need to run over the entire map, and there are a TON of enemies in your way. Don’t even attempt to defeat them all as you don’t have enough ammo, you just need to run past things and shoot stuff in your way in the legs so they stumble.

This was a fairly good run I did but it revolves around luck, sometimes zombies will grab you other times they won’t. You need to make sure you have a couple of flash bangs or grenades when you are on the 2nd floor of the police station. If those plant zombies grab you, you will die instantly if you cannot counter them.

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