Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get the Iskal Hunter Band

In the Swamps of Corsus update for Remnant From the Ashes there are a number of new items for players to find. Some of these items are straightforward while others are more hidden. One item that is hidden and hard to find is the Iskal Hunter Band Ring. To learn how to get this ring for yourself use our how to get the Iskal Hunter Band guide below.

Note: The beetle room mentioned below can be found in both Hall of Whispers and Strange Pass dungeons.

Kill Red Beetle in Hall of Whispers

Image showing where to find the beetle in the Hall of Whispers.
Image showing the Red Beetle in the Hall of Whispers.

To get the Iskal Hunter Band ring you will need to rely a bit on RNG. First you need to roll a Corsus with the dungeon called Hall of Whispers (leads to Corrupted Sanctum). Inside the Hall of Whispers you need to find the rounded room highlighted on the map above. Inside this room there is more RNG. In the rounded room a colored beetle will spawn. Killing this beetle before it scurries into its hole will net you a few possible rewards:

  • Black Beetle: Hardened Carapace.
  • Red Beetle: Iskal Hunter Band.

If you wish to get the Iskal Hunter Band you will need to get the Hall of Whispers to spawn with a Red Beetle in the round room. When done correctly you will receive the Iskal Hunter Band which reduces spread by 35%.

That’s all you need to know to get the Iskal Hunter Band. Make sure you shoot any beetles you see to get any rewards they may posses. There are a few of these bugs across the various dungeons on Corsus.

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