Remnant: From the Ashes – Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy

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Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy

Build for Dreamer / Nightmare

  • Armour: 3 Set Bandit
  • Primary Weapon: Devastator
  • Secondary Weapon: Magnum Pistol (Mender’s Aura Mod)
  • Rings: Devouring Ring and Heart of the Wolf
  • Pendant: Cleansing Jewel
  • Melee: Riven

This is my build for taking on the last boss of the game! The devastator is perfect for dealing the damage. The high-rolling ability of the bandit allows us to decimates the boss whenever its weak spots are exposed. The heart of the wolf allows us to spring sideways to avoid the bombarding projectiles efficient. While the magnum pistol with menders aura combine with cleansing jewel provides great sustain for our stack hunting in the banished realm.

*Alternatively, you could get a weapon that has Swarm mod equipped for high DOT on the boss.


Dreamer: Aim for the head for massive damage and focus more on dodging than dealing damage!

Nightmare: The boss only does 2 things! It shoots extremely lethal bombarding projectiles that could potential one shot then banishes you into another realm. Hence the strategy is simple, just sprint sideways whenever you see the circles on the boss starts to glow. It means that the boss is beginning its attack animation.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy

With the heart of the wolf it is extremely easy to sprint sideways to avoid it. (Just remember to go left , right , left , right or else you might find yourself at the border of the map.

* Also please take note to never shoot the boss if you were never banished to the realm!
Pretty sure you noticed how insignificant your damage were during the battle without any buffs right! This is because you require damage buffs to damage it significantly. The buffs can only be obtained by killing monsters in the banished realm.

Banishing into the realm…

So before you are banished into the realm, the boss will do a aerial barrel roll of sorts.

Boss Spinning:

Remnant: From the Ashes - Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy
Remnant: From the Ashes - Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy
Remnant: From the Ashes - Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy

So when you see the boss starting to spin in the air, pop a bloodwurt as the longer you stay in the banished realm the more damage you take. Once in the banished realm, just simply look for the portals. The portals are circles that looks like black holes with spinning rings. Once you enter, identify where are the portals, sprint to it but do not enter it! Just stay around it and destroy as many mobs as possible. Use mender’s aura once its charged to increase your hp regen for a longer stay in the realm. Based on my experience, around your 10th stack is when elite monsters starts to spawn. Just keep track of your hp and you will be fine. As a rule of thumb, I would suggest getting at least 10 stacks before exiting the realm. The stacks can be found under your HP/Stam UI much like consumables.

Once you are out of the realm, proceed to blast the boss with your devastator! Please focus more on avoiding the projectiles than dealing damage though, so left right left right sprints. Most of the time after 3 blasts and if you deal enough damage to the boss, the boss would kinda suffer a seizure and the dreamer’s head would be exposed right at the chest of the body. So aim for the head for extra juicy damage!

Rinse and repeat and tada you have completed the game! Or have you…

Remnant: From the Ashes - Dreamer / Nightmare Strategy

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