Remnant: From the Ashes – All Traits Guide (How to Unlock Them)

Simple guide showing all traits and how to get it.

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Stats per Level

How to unlock
Vigor Health Health: +2.5 Starting trait.
Endurance Stamina Stamina: +2.5 Starting trait.
Spirit Mod Power Generation Mod Power Gen: +2.5% Ex-cultist starting trait. Need Monkey Key(random loot Earth dungeon) to open some another dungeon door on Earth.
Shadow Walker Enemy awareness down Enemy Awareness: -1.5% Hunter starting trait. Need Hunter’s Key(random from NPC) to open Hunter’s Saferoom (Earth).
Warrior Melee damage bonus Melee Damage: +1.25% Scrapper starting trait.
Exploiter Increases Weak Spot Damage Damage Inc: +1.25% Doing X amounts of headshots.
World Walker Reduces Stamina Cost Stamina Cost: -1% Reach Rhom.
Keeper’s Blessing Increase Elemental Resistance Elemental Resistance: +1% Reach the Labyrinth. Help the rebels on Yaesha.
Mother’s Blessing Reduces Incoming Ranged Damage Ranged Damage Reduction: +1% Save Root Mother.
Teamwork Increases Teamwork Range Teamwork Range: +1m Join/Host a multiplayer game.
Elder Knowledge Increases experience point bonus Exp Bonus: +1.75% Found on Ward 13.
Scavenger Increases the value of scrap boost Scrap Boost: +2.5% Give Tarnished Ring (random (Earth) to Reggie on Ward 13. Beating final boss.
Recovery Increases the value of Stamina Regen and decreases its delay Stamina Regen and Delay: +1.25%
Handling Decreases Gun Spread and Recoil Gun Spread and Recoil: -1%
Glutton Increases the speed of using Consumables Consumable Use Speed: +2.5% Beating the Unclean One.
Catalyst Increases chance to proc Status effects on enemies Proc Chance: +1%
Executioner Increases Critical Hit Chance Crit Chance: +1% Beating Ixillis on Corsus.
Triage Health Regen Effectiveness Health Regen: +5%
Kingslayer Critical Hit Damage Crit Multiplier: +2.5% Beating the Undying King.
Will To Live Increases Health while wounded Wounded Health: +5%
Arcane Strike Increases Mod Power gained on Melee hits Mod Power Gain: +2.5% Beating the lightning hound boss on Yaeshia.
Mind’s Eye Increases Ranged damage Ranged Damage: +1.25% Beating the final boss.
Bark Skin Increase armor effectiveness Armor Effectiveness: +1.25% Speaking to the evil tree on Earth(requires Twisted Mask).
Revivalist Increase revive speed Speed Inc: +5% Revive a teammate X times. 
Guardians Blessing Melee Damage Reduction Melee Damage Reduction: +1% Beating the Guardian (Corsus). Beating the Root Horror (Jungle).
Quick Hands Weapon Reload Speed Weapon Reload Speed: +1.5% Defeat two dungeon boss (boss with fog on entrance).
Trigger Happy Increases fire rate Fire Rate Inc: +1% Leveling a gun to 20.
Cold as Ice Increases damage from behind Kill your coop friend in the bandit event (Earth). Kill your coop friend after talking to Brabus.

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