Red Dead Redemption Online: Where to Buy the Navy Revolver

The Navy Revolver is a new pistol that was added to Red Dead Redemption Online thanks to the Moonshiner update. This new pistol can be acquired for free (see guide here) or purchased. The guide below shows you where to buy the Navy Revolver if you wish to purchase it.

Buy Navy Revolver from Gunsmiths

Image showing where to buy the Navy Revolver in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Like other weapons in RDRO you can purchase the Navy Revolver from any Gunsmiths. Gunsmiths as the name suggests are your primary source for all things weapons. There are Gunsmiths in the following locations:

  • Valentine.
  • Annesburg.
  • Saint Denis.
  • Rhodes.
  • Tumbleweed

The Navy Revolver can be found under the Unique Weapons tab of the catalogue at any Gunsmiths. This rare weapon sells for $275 or 11 Gold and has some pretty decent stats. What’s nice about visiting a Gunsmith is the fact you can walk out of the store with the Navy Revolver in hand.

Buy the Navy Revolver through Mobile Catalog

If you are a wild man who doesn’t have time to enter a town you can still pick up the Navy Revolver for yourself through the Mobile Catalogue. This unique revolver can be found under Weapons > Unique Weapons in your Mobile Catalogue. Like other items purchased this way you need to visit your Camp’s lock box or the Post Office to pick up the gun once purchased.

That’s all you need to know about where to buy the Navy Revolver in Red Dead Redemption Online. As I mentioned in the introduction there is a method to get this weapon free of charge, but it is a bit more involved and requires owning GTAO.

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