Red Dead Redemption Online: Rescue Marcel Guide

Once you’ve purchased a Moonshine Shack in Red Dead Redemption Online you will be tasked with making it operational. To do this you need to complete a couple of missions you get from Maggie inside your shack. One of these missions is to rescue Marcel from a Rival Moonshiners’ Camp. Use our Rescue Marcel guide below to complete this mission.

How to Rescue Marcel?

Image showing the location of Marcel in Red Dead Online.

After you’ve spoken to Maggie and accepted this mission you will be teleported to just outside the fortress ruins along the Kamassa River. To the east of these ruins you will find the Rival Moonshiners’ camp. Make your way to the spot marked on the map above.

As you approach the camp you will notice about five enemies you need to take out. You will want to dismount and pull out some types of long range weapon. Take out the enemies and rescue Marcel who is tied up on the ground by the campfire. Once you’ve freed Marcel call your horse and mount up. You need to take him back to your Moonshine Shack.

Ride Back to Moonshine Shack with Marcel

Image showing riding back to the Moonshine Shack with Marcel in Red Dead Online.

While riding back to the Moonshine Shack you will encounter a number of enemy Moonshiners on horseback and blocking the road way. You need to take out these enemies and return Marcel safely to the shack.

For delivering Marcel to the Moonshine Shack you receive 300 Moonshiner XP and 300 normal XP. You also become one step closer to running an operational Moonshiner business.

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