Red Dead Redemption Online: How to Move Moonshine Shack

In Red Dead Redemption Online players can now own a property in the form of a Moonshine Shack. This property as the name suggests is a rundown shack that houses the moon-shining operations. While the properties themselves are fixed locations you can opt to relocate them if you so desire. To learn how to do this check out our how to move Moonshine Shack guide below.

NOTE: this guide assumes you already own a Moonshine Shack. If you don’t read our how to purchase a Moonshine Shack guide to get started.

Manage Moonshine Shack Location from Player Menu

When you purchased your Moonshine Shack you used the Player Menu to select a location. Moving your Moonshine Shack uses the exact same method. Open the Player Menu and select Camp & Properties then select Moonshine Shack. From here you can Choose Shack Location. This option allows you to move your current Moonshine Shack to a new location. Keep in mind there is a $250.00 charge for moving you shack so you will want to be selective in how often you are moving.

While on the Shack Location screen you can toggle a few filters to help you in your location selection. These filters are Distance and Closest. Both of these filters allow you to narrow down which location you feel is the best for your Moonshine operation.

That’s everything you need to know to move your Moonshine Shack in Red Dead Redemption Online. The only major drawback to this system is the cost. With that said if you have reached Moonshiner status you more than likely have cash in the bank. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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