Red Dead Redemption Online: How to Get Ponchos in Moonshiners Update

Red Dead Redemption Online received a major update today called the Moonshiner update. In this update there is a new profession for players to play called the Moonshiner. Alongside becoming a Moonshiner there are a number of new cosmetic items to purchase including longer Ponchos. To help you get these new cosmetic items check our how to get Ponchos in the Moonshiners update guide below.

NOTE: Ponchos that are for purchase can be found under coats at a Tailor.

How to Get the Guerra Poncho?

Image showing the Guerra Poncho in Red Dead Redemption Online.

The Guerra Poncho is a new Poncho you can purchase in the Moonshiners update. This Poncho has vertical lines running along the sides of it and can be altered with different colors to change its look. The Guerra Poncho comes unlocked when the Moonshiner update is downloaded. Head to the nearest tailor and purchase the Guerra Poncho for $264 if you so desire. Keep in mind this Poncho covers the body of your character.

How to Get the Torras Poncho?

Image showing the Torras Poncho in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Like the Guerra Poncho the Torra Poncho is unlocked simply by having the new Moonshiner update downloaded. Once you have the new update downloaded you will find this Poncho for sale at any tailor for $202. Keep in mind this Poncho is pulled back so it has a sort of cape like vibe to it. It can have its color altered to suit the look of your character.

How to Get the Rebellion Poncho?

Image showing the Rebellion Poncho in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Unlike the two other Ponchos mentioned above the Rebellion Poncho is one you will need to spend time grinding for. As part of the Outlaw Pass NO. 2 You will need to unlock this bad boy by reaching rank 96. Once you reach this rank of the season pass this new red, white, and blue Poncho will unlock for you.

There is plenty more Red Dead Redemption Online guides to come so keep it locked to HTR for all your Moonshiner needs.

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