Red Dead Redemption Online: How to Buy a Moonshine Shack

There has been a new update to Red Dead Redemption Online which introduced a new Frontier Pursuit called the Moonshiner. As the name of this profession suggests you will be selling illicit alcohol in order to make money. To do this efficiently you need to grab yourself a Moonshine Shack. Unfortunately you can’t simply buy a Moonshine Shack right out of the gate. Read the guide below to learn how to buy a Moonshine Shack in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Reach Level 5 Trader or Have Completed a Trader Sell Mission

Image showing a level 7 Trader in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Before you can purchase a Moonshine Shack for yourself you first need to complete a prerequisite of sorts which involves the Trader role. To gain access to the Moonshiner profession you need to have completed at least one of the following:

  • Reached Level 5 Trader.
  • Completed a Trader sell mission.

Once you’ve completed one of the above objectives you will be able to start the new Frontier Pursuit known as the Moonshiner. Keep in mind this has to be completed, there is no way around not doing this.

Meet Cripps and Maggie at Emerald Ranch

Image showing the start of the Moonshiner Role in Red Dead Redemption Online.

After you’ve completed the objective listed above you will receive a letter from Cripps. This Business Opportunities Letter can be accessed in your satchel. In the letter Cripps mentions an acquaintance named Maggie Fike who wants to meet you and start up the Moonshining racket once again. After you’ve read this letter you will get a marker on your map at Emerald Ranch called A Life of ‘Shine. Go to Emerald Ranch to meet with Cripps and Maggie.

Alternatively if you already meet the requirements when you access the Red Dead Online screen you will see a Moonshiner option. You can select this (like previous Frontier Pursuits) to start the new job.

Regardless of what method you use when you reach Emerald Ranch you will trigger a cutscene at the old saloon. In this cutscene you meet Maggie who lays out the business proposition for you. During this cutscene Maggie will hand you a map with locations marked on it. From this map you can buy a Moonshine Shack.

How to Get Moonshine Shack?

Image showing buying a Moonshine Shack in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Once you leave the saloon you will be able to buy a Moonshiner shack for yourself. To do this open the player menu and select the new option Camp & Properties then select Moonshine Shack and Choose Shack Location. Once you’ve done this you will have the option to purchase one of five Moonshine Shack that retail for 25 Gold in the following areas:

  • Bayou Nwa.
  • Grizzlies.
  • Hennigan’s Stead.
  • Heartlands.
  • Tall Trees.

When you buy a Moonshine Shack you earn 2000 Moonshiner XP along with a number of Moonshine Shack decor items.

That’s all you need to know on how to buy a Moonshine shack in Red Dead Online. As you can see this endeavor is a bit costly with the Moonshine Shack working out to about 10 USD. With that said there are a number of activities this property allows you to play when purchased.

What do you think of the Moonshine Shack? Thoughts on the update in general? Let me hear your comments below. Thanks for reading and good luck out there.

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