Red Dead Redemption Online: Blood is Thicker than Shine Guide

After you’ve stolen the equipment and rescued Marcel your Moonshine Shack will be up and running. With the shack operational you can approach Maggie and accept Moonshiner missions from her. The first mission you will accept is called Blood is Thicker than Shine. To help you complete this mission use the Blood is Thicker than Shine guide below.

IMPORTANT: Come into this mission with ample ammo in most of your guns. There are a ton of enemies you face during this mission.

Go to Camp

Image showing the Lawmen camp in Blood is Thicker than Shine mission.

The first objective of this mission is to go to the camp highlighted on your map. You will start the mission fairly close to the camp so simply ride there. Now keep in mind the camp is crawling with lawmen so you don’t want to simply ride in guns blazing. With that said how you approach the camp is largely up to you. I opted to take the high ground and simply snipe the lawmen until there were none left.

Search the Camp for the Document

Image showing where to find the document in Blood is Thicker than Shine mission.

Once you’ve cleared or stealthed your way into the camp you need to find the Prisoner Transfer Document. This document is located inside a chest in a tent. After you’ve collected this document you will be tasked with riding to the transfer location. Make your way to this location and you will automatically wait.

Kill Guards and Free Lem and Defeat Revenue Agents

Image showing fighting the Revenue Agents during the Blood is thicker than Shine misison.

After waiting a little while a caravan will appear with a wagon containing Lem. Clear out the guards and free Lem. Once you do this you need to speak to Lem and confirm you identity. Upon confirming it is you need to take out the Revenue Agents that appear from every direction (there are a ton, like 20+). You need to defeat all of the Revenue Agents before you can advance to the next step. Keep in mind they continue to spawn in all around you so find a nice spot to take cover and get to blasting.

Take Lem to Moonshine Shack

Once you defeated all the Revenue Agents you will want to approach Lem and ask him to follow you. Mount your horse and head towards towards your Moonshine Shack. Along the way Lem will fill you in on the evil Revenue Agents and you will watch a brief cutscene.

After the cutscene you will be back in your Moonshine Shack and another cutscene will trigger with Lem and Maggie. You will then take control of your character and will earn $21.86, 300 XP, and will unlock an additional buyer for your moonshine. You also unlock the ability to replay this mission at a higher difficulty if you so desire.

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