Red Dead Redemption 2 – Starting Tips for Red Dead Online

This guide contains some useful beginners tips to Red Dead Online.

Tips for Beginners

Welcome to Red Dead Online

Greetings and welcome to Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online is not one to hold your hand as you play or guide you down a fixed path. You are a Cowboy / girl and it is up to you to figure what kind you are. Will you save a stranger from some outlaws? Rob the General Store? Will you cause a bar fight that leads to a fist fight on top of a train?

Until you figure that out here are some tips to help you survive and make some cash at the start of Red Dead Online.

The Town of Valentine

Welcome to your first taste of life in Red Dead Online. The Town Of Valentine has everything you’ll need to start.

You can find Gun Oil in the General Store.

The Butcher will become your best friend. Bring him meat, fur, feathers, fish and animal carasses for some easy money.

This camp and many like it can be found all over the world. Check them for free items like canned goods, health tonics and more.

Your Camp

Your camp is your home. At camp you can cook, craft, rest and change your clothes.

Your Tent plays a big roll to determine the starting level of your Cores. Make sure to upgrade it when you can.

You can get your horse to automatically walk back to the hitch post in your camp by getting off of it near your Tent.

Improving Your Cores

When you create your character you will get spend 2 points towards Health, Endurance and Dead Eye. Past that you will need to do certain things to raise them to max.


  • Fishing.
  • Fist Fights.
  • Throwing Knifes / Tomahawk.


  • Run.
  • Run More.
  • Whistle for your horse and run away from it.

Dead Eye

  • Shoot Animals or People.
  • Headshots give extra XP.

Land of Opportunity

These missions are perfect place for beginners. The first time you complete a mission you’ll get a lot of money and gold. After the first 4 mission you should have plenty money to buy a new gun or clothes!

The Right Side of the Tracks – Don’t call for your horse when the chase starts. Your horse is all ready in position to take off after the Outlaws. Don’t shoot the outlaws. Shoot their horses. Then you must use your lasso on them. Hold down aim to keep them tied as you get off your horse. Once close enough to them you’ll see the action to hogtie.

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