Red Dead Online: Where to Find Tropical Punch Moonshine Ingredients

When you purchase your Moonshine Shack you unlock the ability to complete Moonshiner business. Like other trades Moonshiner Business allows you to input resources to make money. Resources you need to input are based on the type of moonshine you create. To create the Tropical Punch Moonshine you need to give 1x Canned Pineapples, 1x Pear, and 1x Vanilla Flower. This guide will show you where to find Tropical Punch Moonshine ingredients.

Where to Find Canned Pineapples?

The first ingredient I will show you how to find is the Canned Pineapples. Since this comes in a can it means you can purchase it from the store. Simply use your mobile catalogue or go to the nearest General Store and grab it from the Canned Food page. Each can of pineapples costs you $1.50 to purchase.

Where to Find Pears?

Like the Canned Pineapples you can buy Pears from any general store or through the mobile catalogue on the Fresh Food page. One Pear will cost you $0.65 which is nice and cheap.

Where to Find Vanilla Flower?

Image showing where to look for Vanilla Flower in RDO.

Vanilla Flower is the only ingredient of the three needed for Tropical Punch you will need to find in the wild. To find Vanilla Flower you want to head to area marked on the map above. Vanilla Flower tends to grow in the Bluewater Marsh area. Note that although this plant says its a flower, it actually grows on the trunk of trees (not in the ground). To find them use your Eagle Eye and look for the golden shimmer coming off of tree trunks.

How to Make the Tropical Punch Moonshine?

Once you’ve gathered at least 1x of each of the ingredients listed above you will be able to make a jug of Tropical Punch Moonshine. To do this enter you Moonshine Shack and go into the basement. Inside the room with the Still walk up to the table and interact with it to start Moonshiner Business. Select Flavoring and the Tropical Punch Moonshine will be white. Select it to have Marcel make it for you. It sells for $75.00 alongside earning you Moonshiner XP.

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