Red Dead Online: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire Water Guide

After you complete the first mission for Maggie she will have a second mission available to you a few days later. This mission is called Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire Water. To complete this mission you are tasked with destroying some stills used by competing moonshiners. To help you complete this mission use the Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire Water guide below.

Reach Search Area

Pretty standard objective to start. You take control of your character and are tasked with reaching a search area in in Scarlett Meadows. Ride to the area highlighted on your map to tirgger the next objective of this mission.

Search Scarlett Meadows for the Stash of Explosives

Image showing the lockbox that contains the explosives in Scarlett Meadows.

Once in the Search Area you will receive a new objective to search for an explosives stash. Note there are two enemies in the middle here you want to take out before you search. To search you want to use Eagle Eye to highlight clues in the area. Clues give off a golden sheen when you look in their direction.

The clue we want to inspect is the boxes that are knocked over on the northside of the Search Area by the tent. Interact with the boxes then track Maggie. The trail leads to a lockbox with the explosives inside it (watch for two Cougars here). Grab the explosives to get the next objective.

Infiltrate the Moonshine Camp and Destroy Stills

Image showing the location of the five Stills in Lagras.

When you pick up the explosives two areas will be marked on your map in Lagras. At these two locations you need to discover five stills and use dynamite to blow them up. Inside each area are a number of enemies. Use stealth or clear them out and destroy the stills. When all the stills are destroyed ride back to your Moonshine Shack.

Upon completion of this mission you will earn $33.73, 504 XP, and will lower the maximum price of moonshine ingredient mash. Not a bad days work.

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